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2/19/2005 6:06 am

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Ladies are always complaining that they end of messin with a dude that has a lil dick..

Well Dr.Romello has come up with a new concept.. haha (Dr.Romello.. i like that..ahaha)

us guys, use the dip & sniff test, to see if the kitty (meoow) is edible...
guys that do not know what I`m talking about, here`s wher you do..
(1) - while u are kissing a female (this only works on females..hahaa), take either your left of right hand,
slide it down her pants, and under her panties
(hopefully there thongs, or butttt nekkkkkkid),
(2) - then massage the clit & kitty lips until they are moist, then insert your finger (index or middle),
and slide it in & out a couple of times.
(3) - then pull out your hand (while your still kissing), and slowly raise it up to ur nose, smell it..
If you can smell it before it gets to ur nose
(she has failed the test, and u will only be f*kin), but if there is not smell or a good smell,
then you will definately have to lick it,
you have to get it dripping wet before you stick it.. hahahaa

LADIES - the GRAB & HOLD test
(1) - while you are kissing, use either hand and slide it down to the guys pants
(do not stick it in his pants just YET),
then rub his penis (have to use correct terms.. haha) you should feel a bugle start to grow
(if this does not happen WALK AWAY, cuz he can't get it up..haha),
(2) - continue to rub for another minute or so... then grab ahold of the penis..
(still on the outside of his pants)
(3) - if u can palm the penis with 2 - 3 fingers (WALK AWAY) he`s too small.
If you need to use your entire hand and there still some left over
(smile, most likely you in luck, he`s not a short dick man)
(4) - if your still around, slide either hand down his pants and under his underwear
(hopefully he`s wearing boxers or boxer/briefs, if not, he`s soooo not gellin.. hahahaa)
(5) - grab his penis.. if it`s really his (and not a sock, sauage..etc..etc) smile,
your ready to give him some head.. hahahahaa

If you use my test (guy or girl) 90% of the b.s. is over...!

this is an original writing, so no copywriting biaaaaaatches..!

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