looking to make new mistakes  

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10/6/2005 12:27 am

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looking to make new mistakes

Coming from SoCal, we only have one season of the year with two settings, hot and hotter. Being here in MO is refreshing to feel and see actual change...the presence of Fall. Out come the sweaters, long sleeve shirts, soups, and ski wear...smile. Like all change, it comes to you and you have to adjust rapidly or you'll get hurt or just freeze your butt off.

Having studied change and change-management for sometime now, I've come to understand some of the unique strategies required to master the change desired. One of them is to produce a whole set of new efforts to master change. This means that there will be many attempts and usually many mistakes will be made before there is any movement towards that desired outcome. Funny how that works in relationships as well. Knowing that I need to move on and try new things and meet new people to help me inch my way towards that elusive goal...balance. Now, I can say to my past...
did you know,
when you go,
it's a perfect ending
to a bad dream...
I've gotten use to spending.
When you go,
you ought to know,
your my favorite

Here's to making more mistakes in an attempt to move forward in a new area of my life.

(Guy down the street Gary ??)

10/11/2005 1:30 am

Hey you,,,,,,, It was nice chatting ! Missouri isnt so BAD, It is the " Show me State " guess i will have to SHOW you !!!!!!!!

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