baseball playoffs  

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10/12/2005 6:21 pm

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baseball playoffs

october is a great month for sports. you can view several at the same time: baseball, football, hockey, golf and a others. fortunately for me i can record on tv what i want to see and view it later during the day. it's not truly innovate but i've combined running on the treadmill during rainy days and watching the games without commercials. (i hate commercials.) i've also found an indoor running track/swimming pool in town. boy, that's a new thing for me. call me old school but running inside an a/c room is a little funny don't ya think. i can understand running inside a building when the smog is so thick you can cough it up at the end of your run but out here?

need for exercise

when you travel as much as i do and spend as much time around food, it's amazing i'm not larger. i do most of my talks/coaching around the food table. it seems that in the course of eating, people's inhibitions are lowered and are more attentive. Following-up after the meal is the I don't know why but desserts seem to be ubiquitous now that i'm abstaining from eating when i'm not hungry. TV commercials, visits to friends' home, walks through city plazas, hotel lobbies, airport terminals etc. I'm hoping the only sugar i limit myself to is human...the female I think it is reciprocal. she gets a good aerobic exercise and with patience, i get to savor her fruits.

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