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If you're not a Ranger or Airborne person, you wouldn't have the slightest idea what this is...so I'm not going to explain it to you. Ask me for the transcript. It was the title of my talk and encouragement for them to consider when they leave this sub-culture called the army.

We got there just in time thanks to our beautiful and inteligent driver and her GPS rigg...smile. I don't even remember where it was held. I think in Marshfield or Strafford or somewhere in a Masonic lodge (I think). I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy clowning around with my guests from CA. Before we got off the car and into the venue, we covered the set for the night and made sure we knew the songs and how we were going to play them. On the way out, Lizzy said, "We've got a surprise for you tonight." But I was too nervous to really understand what she had said. Once we got out, we went our separate ways, I went to the dinning hall (one side of he building) and they headed to the music side.

The CSM met me and introduced me to the group. Immediately I heard some sneers and jeers. I walked in with my laptop in hand and started the talk while they ate and the guys next door were sitting up the musical equipment and lights. My friend, CSM XXX, was true to his promises...only those from this subspecialty were there; both officers and enlisted attended; only their wives or dates were with them. It's a good thing only couples showed up.

I forgot to turn off the AdultFriendFinder site from my computer. Not thinking they had wireless at that site, I forgot to turn it off. Just as I was being introduced and took my place at the head of the U-shaped platform, I looked up at the PowerPoint presentation on the screen behind me and there was an Instant Message Center alert from AdultFriendFinder. While I was waiting for the laptop to warm up and turn on to the proper starting point, I pulled my hair back and put on an elastic ban. You know the ones that keeps your hair in a pony tail. As my hands were busying doing that my eyes were fixed on the yellow box that came one the screen.....Oh, no. Oh, no...yikes! I pulled my hair from front to back and jammed the outer ends into the keyboard of the laptop. I looked around and all I heard was laughter. There I stood with a handful of long black hair in-between my fingers...smile. Not to many saw the alert, whom it was from and more importantly...what it said! I hoping no one knew what that was....I hope not...smile.

Anyway, the talk was short so I included some video clips from several movies to help me make some of my points (DeerHunter, Scent of a Woman, Army recruiting film). Even though I was given a hour, I used 35. After a fantastic meal like that one, I knew the sleep monster would come quickly...smile. After the talk, I ran next door to get ready for the last half of the night. My guests from CA: Chris, the drummer; Lizzy, the bass player; Steve the lead guitars, had finished eating and sitting with the sound and the light guys. I looked at the stage and it was incredibly small. Four people and their equipment couldn't possibly fit up there, so, they changed some things. The drummer and bass players were 3'above the guitarists. I wasn't sure about the set up but there was nothing we could do about it then. I just hoped for the best. I trusted Chris (2 and Lizzy (32). They were neighbors in CA. He is a studio musician who was coming from Nashville that weekend and Lizzy is a dancer who flew into Springfield with Steve. Steve is the newest of friends and a fantastic guitarist for an 18 yr old. I had to trust them and their decisions for that night. The placement worked out great. What freaked me out was when then said to me again..."We have a surprise for you." That is not what an anal-retentive guy wants to hear the very night he is to play in front of new people...smile. I smiled with great anxiety and waited for the moment to unfold.

At once I knew I was in trouble when I heard a drum-machine. I absolutely abhor those things. Lizzy laughed out loud, Chris clapped with glee and Steve hid behind the amps. It was an inside joke but I felt like a big idiot. The mischievous trio played on and I joined in. Some where in the middle of the song, the lights went off the guitarists that were on the base of the platform and hit the Chris and Lizzy. They were hittin' the groove, boy, were they. I love hard driven bass lines and thunderous bass drum sounds. These guys were just jamming. The audience were whistling and yelling as they got into it. Lizzy looked like a little girl waiting in a long line to go pee. Her left leg was straight and glued to the stand; her right was popping back and forth with each note. Chris' drumming was bouncing all the equipment on his side. As they both reached a crescendo in driving pitch, I could see what the audience was seeing...arousal. Lizzy's leg was shaking not only her bass guitar but the rest of her tree. By then it was very hot inside the small hall and she had taken her top off earlier in the set and left her bikini top on. By then, the guys and girls in the audience were already into the winds...smiles. As they jammed out, the lights brought out the hormonal exchange between these two. Lizzy's blonde hair was bouncing to a different beat than the mounds that under it. The tips of her blonde reflected the glimmer of the lights and became flashing lights on their own. Chris' snare drum was foaming and the crowd was loving it. (so was I for that matter...smile). Then Steve joined in and the bridge of the song brought an end to the song. Wow! We all needed a cold shower. On our way home, they asked what I thought about it. I told them that next time...they should get a room somewhere else...smile. It was a fun night with good old friends and new friends alike.

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Go to kyplowboy2 or 5 speed's blogs they were both rangers.

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thanks. once a band of brothers...always a band of brothers.

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