Music Takes You Away (Sometimes)  

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10/18/2005 2:07 pm

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Music Takes You Away (Sometimes)

I arrived at the airport hotel where some of our meetings were going to be held this week. We unpacked late afternoon, took in the Tokyo emails, changed clothes and went to the small gym in the annex. It was about 7, I think. (I normally take my watch off during my trips because I tend to look at it too frequently whenever the meetings are boring and it gives the speaker(s) a signal that they suck at their talk and makes them more nervous). I had lots of anxiety about this week so I had energy to burn.

I cranked up the volume on the ipod as I hit the treadmill. I usually have a two hour workout depending on my stress level. If it is normal I’ll run about 5-6 miles, if it is a nightmare, I could run til I drop…smile. Lately, I’ve been dropping everyday…its been crazy.

So I stayed until I got nice and tired, it was cool cause no one else was in the room. As I checked by the front desk to pick up more towels, I asked the guys how crowded the room got during the wee morning hours, like 5-7. His response was immediate…noone’s here that early. Since no one would be around, would they mind if I plugged in my tunes into their system. He said he would ask the bosses and leave me a message with the answer later that day. We came home real late and I was emotionally and mentally exhausted. Fortunately, I get a room to myself. So I just plopped on the big bed in my cold room. The next thing I heard was the 4:30 buzzer. I noticed the flashing yellow light on the phone so I got the front desk's message giving me the ok to plug in to their system. Droggy and still un-human, I got up to change from the clothes I wore the day before and into my running gear, picked up the tunes, walked down the stairs (my way of warming up…smile). I rigged up the set and let it rip.

Having your own tunes makes running a little bit easier. You just set the treadmill’s program for speed and elevation, close your eyes and off you go. You select nice fast rhythmic music, link them up by their tempos from fast to faster and whooolaah! I made a chain of tunes from the Stones to Tom Petty to Alice in Chains to the Who to Nirvana to Sabbath….etc. I’ve got two sets: a 2 hour and a 4 hour. (depending on my mindset and energy…smile).

One of the side benefits for me is to use this time to think through work issues and try to sort out the bs from the real issues…not an easy thing to do. When I do this I’m almost into a trance-like zone, like I’m on auto-pilot. I’m so focused on exploring the various thoughts to their ultimate ends that I forget what I’m doing or where I’m at. And that’s what happened…

I was about ready to finish my 2 hour set when I heard a distinct “whoosh” sound between some of the song selections. I ignored it thinking that it was just the sound of my new running shoes dragging on the treadmill or it was the circulating rubber matt begging me to get off. I kept hearing this sound but i didn't hear the accompanying clinging of metal of freeweights. Then I heard the volume bust up a notch on a Tom Petty tune. That woke me up and my eyes opened. I’ve practically memorized each song and matched it with its corresponding speed on the treadmill but the shock of others being in the room caused me to skip a step….no, I didn’t fall if that's what you were thinking but as I looked around the full room of young beautiful firm bodies. I couldn’t believe I was so out of it. I finished my run and told one of the guys to leave the tunes at the front desk and I’d pick it up later.

I went up to the room, walked in and notice I already had calls coming in wanting to meet for breakfast in their breakfast nook. Being a good human, I showered, and shaved and washed my hair. I picked up my laptop and out the door I went. As I headed down stairs in my Boss navy jacket, white Oxford shirt, wet long hair, blue jeans and birkies, the gal and guy in the elevator asked if I was the guy in the workout area that morning. I said yes and they both chuckled. She said that they thought I was part of the housekeeping staff. I chuckled with them and told them that after today’s meeting, I might be…smile. (stay tuned for the afternoon’s episode)

rm_wbly35 47F
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10/21/2005 7:38 pm

i liked this story... keep going

rm_loveoceans 58F
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10/27/2005 1:35 pm

i can't wait to hear the rest of it - sounds hot

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