Meets 1 & 2 w/ Silver Car Guy  

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12/11/2005 1:06 pm

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Meets 1 & 2 w/ Silver Car Guy

I'd been talking to a guy, who shall be refered to as Silver Car Guy (he drives a silver car, duh) for a while about meeting but couldn't think of a good place to do it so i decided to take the risk and have him come over my house while my parents were out on Wednesday night. Well Tuesday rolled around and i was already hungry for parents were out and the guy i was suppossed to meet the next day was online. I was worried about my parents returning home but needed cock so bad i told him i'd meet him in the car park next to my house. He agreed and after a shower and change of clothes, i was waiting for him to drive past, nervous as hell. Though i've met up with 6 or 7 guys now i'm always still nervous, helps to be i guess lol. Anyway, he drove past my house and i knew it was showtime. I left the house and walked towards his car as he parked it and jumped into the back seat. He joined me and it was on. I removed my zip up hoody and my cut off jeans to reveal myself to be naked while he pulled down his jeans and boxers to reveal his cock and i, being the cock slut i am, went to work while he rubbed me all over, my cock and balls to my asshole etc etc. 20 minutes later i was getting a mouth full off cum and my first meet with him was done, with me saying "see you tomorrow"...ironically, he wasn't able to make it the next day... Fast forward to Saturday (tonight) and i've just got done having a cam session with a hot big breasted chick from Australia when he comes online. We talk about Wednesday's meet and what he wants to do...Now i should point out, i'm not a guy that does anal and he's been asking for it and tonight asked if he could try fingering me. I decide to say yes as i've wanted to try some kind of anal play and have enjoyed being rimmed in the past so thought i'd give this a go. The combination of my cam session, along with the thought of being fingered and the memory of Tuesday night plus my parents being out the house soon led to, you guess it, him driving over for our second meet. (I'll be shocked if we ever end up meeting on a wednesday night) He arrives about 30 mins later, i let him in wearing a dressing gown and show him to my room. Removing my gown, he begins to rub my cock as he drops his own jeans. I sit on my bed and pull down his boxers and start to work on his cock with my mouth. I then move onto my hands and knees allowing him access to my ass and he begins rubbing my asshole while i continue sucking him. He pulls out some lube and starts rubbing it around my asshole. I'm a little uneasy but try to just concentrate on sucking him to take my mind off it. He starts slipping a finger in and is being pretty gentle, to give him credit but i'm not totally enjoying the experience. I change to being on my back and sucking him while he fingers me before moving to a 69 position, my head over the edge of my bed as he fucks my mouth and fingers my ass, as well as jerking my cock. I'm a bit tired of all the anal play so have him lay down on the bed and i suck him off, taking him balls deep into my mouth as he fucks my throat. We end up jerking each other off, with him playing with my nipples as i suck on his and before long he's ready to come so i take my position and get another mouthful of cum to swallow, alot more then the first meet as well. I keep sucking him, gently,for a while until he's spent and then he's gone and it's all over in about 30 mins this time round. And that was about 30 mins ago, that he left. Was a good meet, not a bad guy, hope to keep using him as a suck toy. Until the next time i meet a strange man for sex off the internet...

bbri68 49M

2/20/2006 1:20 pm

You should give anal ago,as if with right guy is very pleasing. You never know till you've done

Keep up the blogs, well done..

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