What about this age crap?  

rm_rocky146 62M
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10/11/2005 5:58 am

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7/31/2006 4:01 am

What about this age crap?

Everyone eventually gets old. It bothers me that since I have reached the ripe age of 50 that a man gets less and less responses from the ladies. A woman could be just looking for some down and dirty sex and when they see your age, oh my god, it is like you are in the grave. Let me tell you gals, the plumbing on this guy is in fine working order, it gets hard and my morning wake up hard on is still happening too. Come on people let us face it, we are all in this web site for one thing only, that is great sex! I do have a lot to offer someone as far as sex goes. But to sell one's self to attract the attention of others, well that is a whole new concept I guess. One that evades me dearly for some reason. The amount of responses I get to my ad is 0.

Now living up here in the wine country north of San Francisco, you would think that there would be a lot of free spirted people living here that would practice having sex in or out of a relationship. Well it is not so for some reason. Take the town of Sebastapol. You would think that since this area was populated by kick backs of the Hippy Era, there would be a lot of free spirted people that would practice sex with the multitude. Sorry to say that they are nothing but a lot of prudes living in the area, or a lot of gays and lesbians only. I do not have anything against gays or lesbians either, but come on folks, get with it.

All the ladies I answer ads for do not like to reply for some reason. Is it the age thing again? Could be!! Since I have been a member back in May of this web site, only one woman has taken me up on sex. Now she is no longer available. I think maybe this has become a waste of my good hard earned dollars to come on a site like this looking for a special woman. One woman since May is not a good track record to have.

Then when I do read a lot of ads on here, it is a woman looking for a long term relationship. In otherwords, a husband or a sugar daddy to take care of them. Come on gals, if you want that type of relationship there are sites for that. Try friend finders, that is what they are about too. This is adult friend finders where sex is the name of the game.

Enough of my beefing here, it does no good for i really think no one else will read this. But it is good therapy to vent sometimes.

drgolf 66M/60F

4/8/2006 1:32 pm

yeah, i read it, brother, and can sure relate...i c women on here my age that give me the big red X on the matches, go figure...all i can say is keep on keepin on, that's what i'm doing...good luck

Darkpassion 57F

6/5/2006 8:06 am

Guys it's not your age.If you have a hangup about it others will too. As for the profile being short and to the point. I think not, who has the time to read all that stuff. Less is more! The best lover I ever had was 52 he has a great mind and a body to match. The best thing about him was his optimism and zest for life. Age is a number and it wont be the only reason you get turned down. Approach is everything, don't give up just go another way. Good luck.

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