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8/28/2006 3:34 am

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10/15/2007 3:02 pm


Though I have yet to get to the 'meet' stage. I've noticed it in the group threads. A number of ppl talking about m+g's, but do they ever really meet.
As for myself, I'll admit to being new to this more open lifestyle. And I would like to go to wherever it leads, though admittedly with my fears and inhibitions hanging over me. What would be perfect would be to find an understanding couple to help ease me into the life. Or, should I just be ready to get naked and face the crowd. Should I look for people that want to get to it as soon as the door closes, or seek people to get closer to in a more intimate, somewhat emotional, and more spiritual way. All of the above, at different times, perhaps.
But, I digress. Meeting others. Pretty hard for a single male to do. Maybe there's a single woman out there, also new to the life, that would want to test the waters with me. We could share lifeboats.

{copied this from a reply to a post I saw this morn. Thought it should go here too.}

And in all honesty, to anyone who bothers to read this, I have been out of the sexual side of life for to long now. You can read that as celibate. Things happen. Noone needs to understand why right now.
But because of that, I have become nervous. I wonder how much my psyche, my sex appeal, my confidence, and my abilities have been shaken. (wrote another poem along those lines. maybe I'll share it someday). And is there, even, a certain someone, or special someones, that would want to take the time with a nervous wreck like me. Could be a good thing. Nerve ridden, shaky fingers on a bare body? Wouldn't need a vibe, lol.
Anyway, just baring a bit more of my soul. Treat it gently.....

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8/28/2006 4:04 am

Thanks for sharing. I like the meet and greets b/c I dont feel any pressure to have sex. It is just a social gathering and if I hit it off with someone, all the better

Purry {=}


Dalmy67 47F

8/29/2006 7:12 pm

If there was a smaller "alternate" group in yr area, that would be easier for you to meet and get to know people. That's how I got started!!! Don't worry about being out of the game for awhile. Its liike riding a bike, right?? LOL!!!

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