Time for an Awakening of the Senses  

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2/19/2006 8:34 pm

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Time for an Awakening of the Senses

All of my newly formed acquaintances here at AdultFriendFinder have leased your ears and your advice. You have done this from the heart. Whether or not it was easy to hear, I have been listening. I mean to offend no one when I say, "I truly thought this was a sleazy legal prostitution site. Perhaps nothing more than a scam that was designed to take advantage of the lonely, and desperate soles searching the Internet for some sort of magic fix.
I was neither searching for a fix or expecting to find casual sex. If I remember, I was trying to find an over sized bathtub for an upcoming remodeling job. This ad just popped up. It was intriguing to me. I used to spend approximately 10 to 20 minutes a 'week' on line. At this rate this bloqq will be twice that....lol
Any way....................
The point I am so painfully trying to drag myself toward is this:
I have gone back and read every comment, every advice line given to my questions and though there were some variables, the overwhelming opinion was that something is amiss. There is definitely a driving force, whether an affair, or a fear. My wife, (if I should continue to call her that) is either intentionally misleading and stringing me along, or in such emotional turmoil that she can no longer, for lack of a better vocabulary, function as my wife. She has been flipping and flopping more than unfortunate fish we'd snatch from the herring run as kids in Massachusetts. Her inability to make a rational decision has lead me to make my own. I personally, can not keep riding the tsunami of emotions that I've been trying to pretend is just my level of commitment and loyalty to her. She has shown absolute disregard for my "feelings" in all of this. (I know it could've been much worse.) I care too much about her and myself. I know I'm making this a great dramatic announcement however, I know how some of you beautiful ladies (you know who you are...lol) reamed me for an inappropriate literary decision in the past.
What I'm getting at is I am LETTING GO!! If she wants to get some individual counseling. (I am going to.) and then work on couples counseling. I will take her back with open arms. At least that's how I feel at this moment. Months from now, it's possible that I won't want her back at all.
I have to think about my psychological, emotional and spiritual future. I am going to try one last desperate attempt to communicate with her before I post. If you see this Blogg. I tried every thing accessible to me.
I want to make sure you all know that I came to this decision myself. I just needed to confirm the logic behind it. This is why so many articles. Well, that's that.
Who wants to get laid??!!!?!@ LOLOL

I am just not this serious a person. We will get things worked out. I'm glad the kids are in that school. It's much better academics.
Thank you all but I'm still gonna be around to lend my sarcasm and opinionated instigation to the coolest rag on the Internet.
) :'> ?*

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