my last post got rejected, so I'll try this...  

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4/3/2005 11:38 pm

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my last post got rejected, so I'll try this...

APPARENTLY MY MASSIVE WANG WAS TOO MUCH FOR THE MODERATORS, SO THEY DELETED MY POST...ok...honestly, i think it was b/c i gave a website out for a band I liked...but wasn't the first thing FAR MORE INTERESTING?

I'm currently having difficulty with a speech, so I thought I would try to rejuvenate my creative juices with this; let's see if it works.

I was at my friend Amber's dorm tonight, and things definitely got way too far out of control...I mean, we fooled around a bit over SB, but we never had the "I would like to be the guy to deflower you" chat until today. Problem is, it came AFTER she had her shirt off and we had been making out for over an hour...there's something about kissing that brings out my's so intimate, I just feel like spillin my guts afterwards.

I really like kissing. There's a passion there you can't get from sex...there is definitely much more of a connection when you kiss somebody, and you can tell a lot by a person by the way they kiss. Likely, if the guy/girl is a bad kisser...LAME sex. Likewise, if the guy/girl is a good kisser, it's safe to assume that you will be spending more time together...needless to say, I've spent too much time w/ Amber in the last few weeks...

Well, clones, I better get back to this hopeless attempt at a speech...Peace out!
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