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Wow,what a crazy night. Saturday, I had "lunch" with this girl I had met on a local singles line. She told me that because she was 22, she felt awkward around guys younger than her because she feels like she's corrupting them (even though I'm only 19, I assured her that there was no way she could corrupt me)! It started out innocent enough; we went to a local sandwich shoppe and got some chow, then back to her apartment. We started watching these really cheesy ABC Family movies, so eventually I got bored, and made the first move, as I often do. Not knowing what to expect, I quickly stopped...until she pulled me on top of her and started to kiss back...

Now, I must be honest, I kind of anticipated/expected to have sex that day, particularly because she kept telling me things to the effect of: "Well, I don't want to sound like a slut..." or "The body wants what the body wants..."
Not to mention the fact that I had done extensive "manscaping" earlier in the day...

With no reason to stop, I threw my conscience--and my clothes--aside and began licking and flicking, and much to my surprise, she did the same to me. She's definitely not the best blowjob I've ever had, but it was obvious to me she liked what she saw, which is more important. She grabbed my cock in her hand and eased it into her mouth, where she took as much as she could. She began licking around my head and down the sides of my shaft, before working her way down to my testicles. Now, typically, I down like a girl licking my balls; it's just a sensitive area that I don't explore too often, but since I was in the moment, I didn't care at all. Besides, she was more than experienced at this exercise, so I couldn't complain...
After about 10-15 minutes, I was really eager to start fucking, so I plastered a load all over her chest and face. And, after a brief clean-up session, I propped her up on the couch.
Her pussy was gorgeous--absolutely to die for. Completely shaved, and begging to get fucked. She started moaning before even one minute had passed, even though she was trying to be quiet because her neighbors were home. Her slit went all the way around my bulging cock, and it felt great knowing that I was responsible for such pleasure. I lifted her legs nearly completely over her head and started pounding her gorgeous pussy until she was screaming for me to when she did, I turned her over and began fucking her doggy style...
I've always preferred this position for several reasons. 1) I feel the most control 2) I love pulling hair, spanking, and back scratching 3) History tells me that I'm at my pinnacle while in this position!

Throughout the course of the day, we moved from the futon to the couch to the bed, and, eventually to the recliner (Reverse cowgirl is a lot of fun, too...who knew?)
Finally, we were sweaty, so we decided that the shower was the final destination. I wasn't really sure if we could fuck due to the size of the shower, but we quickly dispelled any myths of that...SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN!!

I felt like I was in some weird porno movie...I'd never had sex in an entire house before; it was almost like we were trying to keep some awful secret from everyone (maybe we were...), but this encounter was definitely one of the most invigorating sexual experiences I've ever had...although, I have to admit, it's taken me a long time to write this, because I'm kind of uncomforatble talking about it. But, I know someone will read this and take joy out of it...I think women are better at writing about their sexcapades than men, although I have no basis for comparison...

But, she DID tell me that she will never worry about younger guys "delivering," and she now knows what people say about tall, skinny guys!

Hope someone has fun with this...I know I did!

=================3~~ ManMythLegend

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