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6/7/2005 9:57 pm

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I'm Back

Well, loyal reader, I am back. Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I was waiting for some interesting things to happen in my life before I wrote again.

For starters, I started, became immersed, and overcame a gambling addiction in the matter of a few weeks. I guess when you lose most of your money, things get put into perspective.

Secondly, I experienced first-hand the power of deception...I watched one of my best friends get his heart broken by his girlfriend of over 8 months. Turns out, for 5 months she was fucking some guy, who honestly was not nearly as attractive as he. Unfortunately, I had to witness this instead of him; I was at a local adult establishment, where she happened to be working at the time, and I saw her giving this dude a fucking blowjob...now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against strippers giving head to their clients, but both me and my friend had gotten lap dances and such from her prior to this, and nothing like that had EVER happened.
But I feel like an ass because I can't even tell him...ONE, I have no way of proving it, and TWO, I had joked with him on occasion about fucking his girlfriend, not that I would even fathom doing that while they were still together...

Which brings me to another interesting encounter regarding best friends and their girlfriends. I actually got propositioned by my Best Friend's girlfriend last week. This took me completely by surprise, as you could imagine. I must admit, I know Jordan cheats on my best friend, simply due to the fact that he's a Marine and might not be back for months, and I suspect he knows this and does the same thing. But for her to approach ME like that totally threw me for a loop...there was never any hint of a remote attraction whatsoever...at least from her to me. She is quite attractive, and I did have a crush on her BEFORE Ryan started dating her, but he has much more to offer her than I, so I lived with it. I can't believe I would even consider doing it, but the thought of that beautiful mouth going up and down on my cock is definitely appealing...oh, well. Maybe I can videotape them fucking when he's back in IL or something...could be fun, no?

Also, the news regarding that girl in Aruba particularly disturbs me, because my cousin just left for the Northwest Territories this morning. He won't be coming back until August 25, and I can only hope that he has a great time and gets home safely...although it IS Canada...how dangerous could it REALLY be? Honestly?

And, I know you're all dying to know that I did indeed go to my high school's prom 2 weeks ago, and I must admit, it really wasn't that bad, it's not like I was going to get laid or anything...I actually have the pictures on my desk, boy we look so precious, I tell ya...
It was cool to see the looks on people's faces when I showed up, especially the "WHAT THE FUCK? YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE" look. But like I said before, this wasn't a way for me to feed my ego...I have plenty of other less-embarrassing ways of doing that. This was simply helping out a friend who's always been great to me...I was saving a damsel in distress, and I get the "What the Fuck" look...eh, oh well. Valedictorian won prom king, something else that doesn't happen everyday, at least not when I was in high school.

So that's my life in the last three weeks, hope you found it entertaining...it was definitely intersting to say the very least...

Oh, BTW, I finally figured out how to scan pics onto my computer, so the much anticipated drag show picture of me could be surfacing shortly, if anyone ACTUALLY wants to see it...I can't believe that dress actually gave me an ass.

That's it and that's all...

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