Passion, Heartache, Where in the hell is my wife!?  

rm_rochlemon 64M
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7/7/2005 9:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Passion, Heartache, Where in the hell is my wife!?

Today marks three months 19 days since the wife vacated the country. We had a firey, erotic email romance. Then we met in person. We didn't miss a beat. She did a salsa lap dance for me and captured my being completely. We dated and emailed and talked for hours on the phone....all from 8000 miles away. The romance began in September '02. It was HOT! It was INTELLECTUAL! It was DEVINE! We married in Helsinki and she bent over the lavatory to offer herself for consumation. Every marble in my head was on fire. In December she joined me in the States and I treated her to a lovely vacation to Orlando. We settled into our lovely home and the financial demands began. I make a little less than $100K but it was not enough. She is a medical doctor and could run circles around my ability to produce income but she refused to work. Supposedly, she wasn't interested in paying my bills. She was offered a job earning $65 per hour but refused it saying it was not enough for her services. That left me scratching my head. She claimed to be raised to be independent but in my presence was totally dependent on me. Oh, did I mention I supported her from July '03 to the time she traveled to the States in December '04? She had a lovely 9 year old daughter and we were fast friends. I said to the little girl, "How do you like your new home?" She responded, "It's great!" We had a lot of fun playing little girl games, flying kites, chasing the dog, and destroying microbes (huh, washing hands, ha). My wife had a near fetish with cleanliness....must be a doctor thing. Ok, I admit that I don't get it. The sex was out of this world. We ate at fine restaurants constantly. I treated the little girl well. But now the wife has returned to her native country and with her American work permit is making big dollars in her chosen profession. My question is, did she marry me just to get a work permit? It's only good for 2 years. I kind of feel used but also regret that I didn't make enough money to keep her by my side. I'll soon have the money thing corrected. Should I go after her at that point in time since we are still married or should I hook up with one of these cyber girls and start all over? HELP! Thank all of you in advance for your assistance. God bless you.

Cr8zyJoNeedsFuc 52F

11/12/2005 8:51 pm

Well my advise my friend would be to let sleeping dogs lie. Apparently she was asleep during the time you were together or else she would have seen that the man in you just wanted her to be with you and to be happy, at least that is what i am assuming by your comments, or maybe i am wrong and you just married her because she was good in bed. Well there are alot of us women who are good, no better yet i consider myself GREAT in bed, and maybe you would be better off meeting up with one of us, and just letting the past be the past. Good luck, and God Bless

rm_rochlemon 64M

11/27/2005 7:21 pm

Thanks for your advise Jo. I wrote you a note but may have screwed up the sending portion since I don't always pay attention to details in the wee hours.

The wife has been out of site now since mid March. It is my fate. I'm looking forward to meeting/chatting with you when figure out this darn computer and the instant messenger stuff.

Hey, thanks for being a friend. It gives me a comfort. Great in bed is good. How are you in a quad cab truck? Ok, that was suppose to be erotically funny. Do smile....I insist.

Cr8zyJoNeedsFuc 52F

4/6/2006 10:52 pm

Well my friend, I hate to be the person to bring MORE bad news your way, but I am no good in bed. I mean just because one LOVES to be in the arms of a man, feeling the strentgth f his strong arms as they wrap around her. And just because she loves to have sex just as much if not more then her partner. Or just because a girl should hapen to LOVE to put her warm lips around him, and take him into her mouth, now does that mean she is "good" in bed. Hmmmmmm?? maybe that should be up for debate dont ya think. hehehehe!!! As for the "quad", lets see, I do believe that although i HAVE had sex in a truck, I do not believe any of them was a "quad". But I would love the chance to at least LOOK at the inside of it and see if there is enough LEG room.

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