Getting ready for October  

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9/25/2005 2:05 pm

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Getting ready for October

September has been a furious month. The wife finally went to work but in Europe. I offered to purchase a home in Spain but she is more focused on constant vacations....this week its Turkey....before the sunshine runs out.

Ok, so I'm like chasing everything that luck. I'm thinking I want to feel passion and maybe even have some intelligent conversation but I don't want to hurt someone's feelings by being totally shallow and without commitment. Does that make sense? I suppose this web site is the only place it might make sense.

I have nearly 500 pages of emails of my relationship beginning to end....3 years. I'm thinking of approaching a publisher and see what happens. I wonder if it would be worth reading.

Apparently, this blog isn't worth reading, or if it is then it's not worth commenting on. Oh, well, too much crap to consider much less weigh through.

Hey October promises to be a riding bronco. My investments will finally prove themselves or fall flat on their face. I'll most likely be traveling Texas way during October to check on things. I could be in a mid six figure income by December....the initial reports are encouraging. Boom - Bust - Boom. The story of my life. I wonder if excessive amounts of money will change my persona....I wonder.

I am thinking of taking apartments, homes, whatever in two or three locations world wide and spending equal amounts of time in each. I like Spain. I like the gold coast of Mexico or maybe Ecuador. Panama is hot too.

If you're out there, come talk to me or maybe let's just play or not....just let me know you're alive....breathing....with a passion for life. Anything.

Zip zip. Time to walk the pooch and smell the roses....gentle fragrance, soft yet powerful.

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