5 nights of pleasure in hell - night 1  

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5 nights of pleasure in hell - night 1

This is a very old experience I am sharing with you. I was about 14 years old. We lived in New Delhi. I was enjoying life after my board exams were over. Suddenly my parents had to go to Mumbai for some urgent work. They booked their flight but the issue was where would I stay; according to them I was a kid. They called up my cousin Monica and asked her a favour. She was 5 years elder to me. She was studying and staying at a flat in Greater Kailash II. That was a rented accommodation, which three girls were sharing. My father dropped me there and went back.

Monica was very beautiful girl; she had very fair complexion, very stylish hair and a very good dress up sense. She was about to left the house when we reached there. She gave me snacks and left for her class. I was alone in the flat. I started watching TV. Suddenly doorbell rang she was back along with her two roommates. She introduced me to them Divya and Neetu. Divya was extremely beautiful even after seeing her I found Monica less attractive, on the contrary Neetu was very ordinary looking middle class girl.

Around 8 o’clock Divya brought few cans of beer and offered me. I loved beer but due to Monica’s presence I refused. They all started drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. Suddenly Divya told me to dance for her. I denied, Monica told me to be a sport she assured me that its like a ragging as I was new to their group. I danced before them for around 10 minutes then Divya told me to get naked and dance. I refused she suddenly stood up and slapped me very hard. She grabbed my hair and gave me 4-5 another slaps. I looked at Monica for help but she was totally ignorant. I got frightened. I took off my cloths and stood in my underwear, it was very freezing It was the month of December and the temperature was around 4 degree. Divya saw me and ordered me to pull my underwear down. I looked at Monica who was busy laughing with Neetu. Divya got very annoyed and hit me with her leather belt twice. I cried and fell down on the floor my thigh and back started burning very badly. Then Monica came to me and told me to do whatever Divya wanted. All girls were totally drunk by then. I agreed with Monica and pulled off my underwear, now everyone was happy. They put the music on and I started dancing for them. They all sat together and watched me dancing naked. As it was very cold I found dancing very helpful in fighting with the temperature. I started dancing in full flow. They were enjoying it very much as they were laughing and clapping very loudly. Due to fast body movements my penis grew up in size. Divya noticed it first and ordered me to stop. While staring at my penis she shouted, “How dare you raise your penis in front of us?” you sexy dog. I looked at other two girls; all of them were staring at my penis. I noticed my penis, which was half awakened and about 4 inches long now. I explained to her that it happened due to the dance and nothing else. She was not ready to listen anything she brought her Shoe and tied it with my penis. She pushed it and it started moving back and front between my legs like pendulum. It was a very heavy sport shoe and it stretched my penis 1 more inch. It hurted me a lot. I moaned loudly. She enjoyed it very much. Then I was ordered to dance again this time it was very hurting to dance as the shoe was tied with my penis. With every step it stretched my penis and they were enjoying it very much. It seemed that the weight of the shoe is increasing with every second. Divya pulled the shoe two three times and laughed loudly. After 5 minutes I was allowed to sit. There was only one sofa in the room on which three of them were sitting. I sat on the floor. It was very cold. Divya stood up and brought chair from inside and told other two girls “ how rude are you it is very chilling and he is sitting on the floor. Then she told me to stood up and sit on the chair. I was very angry with her but I thanked her for that and sat on the chair I put the hanging shoe between my thighs alongwith my penis. She asked me whether I was feeling better. Suddenly she pulled the shoe and hanged it down the chair. I tried to stand up but was forced back on the chair. She was enjoying my pain very much. Then Monica came and told her “ stop it Divya you told him to dance naked he did that, you tied your shoe with his penis and made him dance that was ok but now it is not looking nice that he is sitting on the chair and your shoe is hanging below it is painful. He must be feeling alone so as the shoe. Ha ha ha ……….. Divya brought another shoe and tied it along with the first shoe. It started hurting very badly. I was moaning and crying. They all were laughing and enjoying my pain very much.

After 10 minutes when it became unbearable I started crying and begging for rescue. Divya came closer and untied the pair of shoe from my penis and started rubbing my penis gently, my penis was paining badly. She was saying “we are sorry dear we hurt you we were just playing”. She was cuddling with my penis and balls. It was very relaxing and exciting after that painful experience. I was feeling very good. I smiled at her and told her that “I am feeling very colddddddd…ddd…d…”, she squeezed my balls very badly. It hurted me more that anything else I fell down on floor and started rolling here and there holding my balls. Three of them were also rolling and laughing holding their stomach. My legs went numb and I could not see or feel anything. They started drinking again.

After 15 minutes Divya stood up and shouted “ Ok girls enough for today” she came to me and asked was it still paining I was very terrified I was hiding my private parts with my hands. She started playing with my hairs and saying “ you are really hurt honey I think this was very painful experience, girls he is really hurt this time. She went inside and brought a small bag, she took out coconut oil from the bag and started rubbing it on my penis. She was realizing that they were very harsh on me. She was looking into my eyes and massaging gently. She pulled off my fore skin and started stroking my penis softly. It was great feeling her soft hands with my foreskin. I closed my eyes with pleasure and started moaning. Suddenly she took out a can of Pepper Spray and spray it all over my bare penis. It started burning immediately. It turned very hot. I started jumping with pain and they are enjoying. Divya brought water from inside and stood in front of me laughing very madly. She looked me dancing for few seconds and gave me water. I put it on my penis, she was laughing very badly and was telling to others “ I brought it from the refrigerator” they all are laughing and I was experiencing the most painful situation. My penis was burning badly due to pepper spray and I was shivering because of freezing water, which I put on all over my penis and thighs.

After few minutes Divya noticed something and came to me she holds my penis. She was looking at the tip of my penis. She declared “ hey girls he is not a kid come here and see a drop of cum” All three gathered around me and noticed the pre cum coming from my penis. Monica asked Divya “ can he really cum?” yes of course Divya replied. I don’t believe Monica argued. Lets have a bet Divya shouted. Now she came to me and asked me “ Honey aren’t you feeling cold? Do you want to go to bed?” yes I said, then masturbate in front of us and then it will be over you can go to bed.

I started stroking my penis. It was paining and burning badly but I had no choice. They are enjoying me masturbating in front of them. After few minutes Monica declared “ He will not cum” Yes he will Divya replied, can’t you see his penis is becoming larger and harder. Minica said “its 5 am we have to sleep now when will he cum, make him cum fast” I was listening everything but I was enjoying playing with my penis. Suddenly Divya hit on my buttocks with her leather belt and shouted “ don’t you hear that, dog stop playing with it and show us the real thing, cum fast.” It was very painful my buttocks started burning I started stroking my penis very fast. She hit me once again at the buttock
and shouted “fast you idiot it you won’t cum within 50 seconds, then you have to fuck yourself whole night and I will not leave you till you bleed from your penis, fast asshole. She was shouting and hitting my buttocks with the belt and I was stroking my penis furiously and at last it happened. I cummed very much there was hell lot of cum came out of my penis. Divya, Neetu and Monica were looking at me, at the cum and at each other. I asked them can I go to sleep now? Monica allowed me to go. I was going to the bedroom suddenly Divya shouted from behind come here you bastard and clean this mess. I took the cloth and get down to clean the cum which is spread all over the floor. She snatched the cloth and shouted “ Why do you need a cloth, you dog do it with your tongue, and don’t forget that there are few drops on my shoe as well. I was licking my own juice and they were enjoying it. I licked every drop and gathered it in my mouth I was going to spit it in the bathroom but Divya noticed it and stood in front of me and ordered me to swallow all my love juice. When I did that she checked my mouth and allowed me to go to bed.

I was laying on the bed in the blanket and thanking god that this is over. I was planning to run from the house in the morning. I didn’t know that I will not be spared that easily, coming four days are more painful and miserable than this. This is nothing in front of rest of my vacations.

Please tell me if you people find it interesting. I will tell you the rest of the story.


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