2nd night of sex in hell  

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2nd night of sex in hell

Night - II
I was dreaming of running away from the place, suddenly my penis started burning. I woke up. All the three girls are standing around me and laughing. “Dreaming of us sweety” Divya asked with naughty eyes, she was holding half of squeezed lemon in her hand. I looked at my penis, the foreskin was pulled back and it was covered with lemon juice and some salt. I jumped out of the bed and ran towards Bathroom, it was locked, I turned back, “he wants some water Divya” Neetu said while laughing. “ There is lot of water kept in the fridge” Monika added. I took out some water and washed my penis, it was terrible washing penis with chilled water in 2 degree temperature. My penis went numb but it is still burning. I looked at the time, its 8 p.m., I was wondering how could I slept for that long time. Divya noticed me looking at the watch, “ there is a thing called chloroform honey” she said.

I am begging you girls, please don’t hurt me, I am just a kid in front of you.
“ Oh poor baby, Divya started playing with my hairs, why will we hurt you if you do like what we say”.
“No time for these things today” Neetu interrupted, leave him and help me rehearsing for my shooting. It is very tough scene
“You carry on with your rehearsal I am going to make dinner” Monika said. She went inside.
“What is the scene, Neetu?” Divya enquired.
“In this episode karan came to my house for studies, suddenly he went crazy and started misbehaving with me, actually tried to me. I want to practice this because it is very difficult to show the fear and emotions of that moment.” Neetu explained.
“I have an idea! We can practice it with him”, Divya said.
Both turned towards me, “what is this honey? Why are you standing naked? Go and put on your cloths” Divya said I put my cloths on.
Divya - Give him his dialogues Neetu
Neetu-here are your lines dear, read them and mug up.
Why? I can read them from the paper.
Neetu - No, it wont give the actual feeling. Come here I will explain you in detail.
She explained me the whole scene, Divya sat on the sofa and shouted ACTION.
I grabbed the arm of Neetu pulled her towards me “ Jaanu please its just a kiss” Neetu looked at me and started laughing
“You will spoil the whole thing”, Divya shouted
“you come here and explain once” Neetu suggested
two of them interchanged their positions. ACTION Neetu shouted.
“Jaanu please its just a kiss”
“No this is wrong” we can’t do that.
“No one is watching”
“No, never.”
I pulled her towards me and squeezed her in my arms, she was trying to got out, I felt very good, she was very soft, her fragrance was very good.
“No please leave me, you are not in control”
“ Yes I am out of control, I am feeling very horny, I will not let you go”
She slept out of my grip and shouted “I will tell everydody, you can’t do this to me”
Yes I can do and I will.
Neetu was telling me by actions to force her and slap her.
I slapped her softly and shouted at her “let me do whatever I want to do”
“No” she started crying, “please let me go”
She is a damn good actress, I was thinking in my mind.
I grabbed her through her gown and pushed her to the bed. Suddenly her gown opened and she was not wearing anything under the gown. Her beautiful white body was exposed to me I was surprised, why she unbelt her gown intentionally. I paused for a second, but Neetu was indicating me to carry on.
Divya was lying on the bed trying to hide her body and I was shouting and unbuttoning my shirt “ Barso baad ye pyass bujhegi” “ today I will fuck you, bitch” I pulled off my jeans and jumped over Divya I grabbed her hair and kissed her lips she was trying to got out of my grip and crying and I was laughing and holding her tight.

Suddenly she slapped me very hard and stood up. She shouted while wearing her gown back. “You want to kiss me? You asshole, she shouted and kicked me in chest.
I was surprised. He wanted to fuck me was saying to Neetu and both started laughing, Monika came out with a Handycam she was laughing madly “ I captured everything” “A complete attempt by an animal on a poor girl” three of them were laughing badly. I was looking at them surprisingly.

“Now, for the rest of the vacations you will do exactly what we want” Divya ordered or else you can go out and we will give the CD to your father. I was terrified. I have no other option except obey their orders.

Lets start puppet show girls, Divya said while drinking beer from the bottle
what? Monica enquired.
Don’t you know the puppet? In which they make the puppet dance and control it by string.
Neetu brought a thick and strong string, Divya made three long pieces of that and tied each of them with my right ball, left ball and to the penis. Now they sat in three different directions, holding one string each. Divya was in front of me, Neetu in the left and Monika in right.
“Now you are not allowed to walk dear you can only jump”, Divya ordered. “you are allowed to stand still if you can”, She explained while laughing and pulled the string, my penis was stretched badly, I had to jump in front instantly. They enjoyed my move very much and were laughing madly. Suddenly Neetu pulled her string and my left ball stretched very much I had to jump backwards and to the left, it was very painful. Monica joined the game and pulled my right ball badly I had to jump to the right instantly. They found it very funny and laughing hysterically. Then Divya pulled my penis I jumped in front, then Neetu …. I jumped to my left then Monica……I jumped to my right. Then Divya…..Neetu…….Monica…….. front….left…..right
Divya…..Neetu…….Monica…….. front….left…..right
Divya…..Neetu…….Monica…….. front….left…..right

It was very painful thing, sometimes two of them pulled their string together it hurts me more when Neetu and Monica did that together, After 5 minutes of enjoyment they stopped pulling strings but did not stop laughing. I was experiencing a very bad pain my private parts burning like anything, both my balls are paining more than my penis.
“Now come to me take your string back and open it” Divya said while laughing madly
“you can get your string from me also” Neetu added
“ I am also agree” Monica said
I stepped towards Divya, I was about to reach there, suddenly Neetu pulled my left ball and shouted “take it from me first” I turned towards her, Monica pulled her string and shouted “ come here first” “no come here first” Divya ordered and pulled her string. All of them stretched their string tightly they all were pulling it very hard. I was crying and moaning very loud but they were pulling it madly. I was begging and crying in pain but they were not listening I thought they would tear my balls apart. I got unconscious and fell down on the floor.

Divya was spraying water on my face, I woke up three of them were full drunk there were 6 empty bottles of beer. “Stand up honey and entertain us.” Divya said. I stood up. I looked at my penis and balls, they have opened the strings, it is still burning and paining badly my penis was red and balls were swelled badly and they are stretched very much. “His penis and balls are very strong” neetu declared while staring at my penis.
“Yes we checked his penis yesterday itself” Monica said.
“Lets check his balls too” Divya cheered
“Yes do it” all agreed.
“ I like the stretched and hanging balls very much, like bull has” Divya was saying while tiding the string to the beer bottle.
She tied the beer bottle to my balls. I was standing and the beer bottle was hanging between my legs to my balls. It was very painful my balls were stretched to their limit. I was moaning in pain and they were enjoying it very much. After 5 minutes when it became unbearable I sat down on the floor. Divya got very annoyed she came to me grabbed my hairs and slapped me 5-6 times. “How dare you disobey my order you asshole” She was beating me and pulling the beer bottle (my balls in fact) Suddenly Neetu rescued me and told me “ you want to sit honey?”
“Yes” I begged
“Leave him Divya, let him sit if he wants to, it is really painful” Neetu said
“No I will not spare him” Divya shouted “I will not let him sit like this”.
“Listen honey we will allow him to sit but not on the floor but on the beer bottle” ha ha ha ha ……………………..
other two joined her and all of them started laughing.
Divya put a lot of Vaseline on the neck of the beer bottle and put it behind me. Now sit on the bottle while I was getting down she put the bottle in front of my asshole, when I got down it went into my asshole I was about to stand but she pushed me downwards and whole the neck of beer bottle went inside my ass. I was holding the body pressure on my thighs. I cried very loudly, they laughed much louder than me. It was very painfull it was tearing my ass apart I stood up. As soon I stood up the second beer bottle started stretching my balls.
“Now it’s your choice, you want to stand you stand, if you want to sit you sit” Neetu explained. They all are enjoying it very much as they are clapping and laughing very much. I was standing but the balls are paining badly I got down and ghuchhhh, bottle went inside, but balls relieved, Divya put very much Vaseline so the bottle is very slippery and trying to enter whole in my ass. When it became unbearable I stood up, ass is relieved but balls are stretching, I was thinking that the stretching of balls is less painful than tearing of asshole. Divya read my mind, she said “ girls I think he stands for more time and sits for less time” Yes Neetu agreed “ lets make the things equal” Monica suggested, she brought some water and filled the bottle which is hanging to my balls. Now it is very difficult to bear the weight of water filled bottle. I was standing and sitting very fast.
Stand ……Ass relieved but balls are stretched to the limit
Sit……….balls relieved but ass was tearing apart.
It went for 6 minutes and I fell down, Divya came and untie the bottle from my balls.
The balls are stretched and swelled very badly, it was almost of bull’s size. I was feeling the pain throught my lower half, whole my penis, balls and asshole are burning badly.
“Now you want to go to bed honey, she said with naughty eyes”
“No I am not been able to masterbate” I don’t want to cum, please I can’t cum today.
“ok then you have to stand whole night…………, but with the hanging bottle” she laughed
decide fast it’s already very late Monica shouted.
I gave up and started rubbing my burning penis, Not like this you dog Divya kicked me on my buttocks sit on that bottle and then do it.
They all are sitting in front of me and watching me fuck myself. I was sitting on the bottle and stroking my penis very fast I wanted to cum very fast but my penis was not responding, the bottle was hurting me badly, it was tearing my asshole apart, penis was burning and the balls are paining with every stroke. I was pulling my penis madly in order to cum fast. The bottle neck was inside my ass but I was holding my bodyweight on my thighs. My thighs were shivering, I was not been able to control my body weight anymore They all are enjoying it, fast…fast….faster they are shouting, They gathered close to me Neetu pushed me down ghuchhhhhh. It went deep inside and suddenly my penis explode, a hell lot of cum is coming out, Divya was gathering every drop on her feet. My balls started paining very badly. Divya’s feet covered in hot sticky cum. It was much more than the previous night. She forced me to lick and clean her feet. I licked her feet and swallow all the cum it was very salty and thick today. After checking my mouth she allowed me to go to my room. Neither I was allowed to clean my mouth or throat nor to drink water. Whole my throat was choked with my own juice.

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Long time passed......I got married. ..enjoyed sex with wife....now bored again...came back to search a good sex mate...any interested girl from delhi...

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