well Good morning  

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7/12/2006 8:30 am
well Good morning

Hi everyone it is the woman who can't seem to get it though married men's heads that I am not interested .Guys if you put on the relationship status that you would prefer not to say means [I AM MARRIED}You are not fooling anyone. Now why would I want someone else's man when there are so many single men out there . I would like to say something to all the woman out there who do date married men ( I mean the ones that are sneaking behind their wives back) that the is never a excuses to see a married man, yes yes I know but you have a good excuse for dating married man ie: his wife does not give him sex , they are staying together for the kids, his wife is ill and can't have sex: Well these are not excuses they are lies to tell yourself that what you are doing is right! I have no problem seeing a man who is married at a party or orgies as long as his wife is there with him, but I will not make another woman's life hell because her husband cannot be honest with her, I don;t treat other women that way lets face it women if we stop stabbing each other in the back and start having the kind of female relationship that men have with each other when it comes to the opposite sex we would have been leaders of the free world long ago. So if the jerk is married kick him to the curb you can do so much better for yourself than that.I may be wrong but this is how I feel, last year I had a woman go after my man when she knew I was in love with him WHY when she claimed not to care for him all she wanted was sex from him but they ended up together oh well, but I tell you what at least he was honest with me I knew he was sleeping with her also it was not so much that it was that she was one of those back stabbing BITCHES that you knew in high school that would tell you when you and your boy friend were fighting that she would go talk to him for you and then go and give him a blow job behind your back , well I always knew those type of women they were too ugly to get a man of their own so they would go after yours when he might be mad at you , this is the woman who wants to hurt you because you are prettier than her and she is mad about it,oh and married men stop contacting me, my profile says no married men.

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