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Well I am posting this because maybe I did not make myself clear. I did sett my cupid setting, what I am talking about is how do you act polite about some one who does not respect your setting my cupid settings say Native American, Asian , White and Hispanic if the person had been one of these races there would not have been the red X next to race, but some times it seams that I get the men who seem to think that if they bug me enough I will change my mind I really don't want to be rude but when someone tracks my other IM off this site when I block them then It pisses me off . Just like when I get that are not in my age range I am polite but sometimes they do not take a hint I once used the quick reply (I am looking for someone younger) the man still emailed back "What does that have to do with it"! What good are cupid settings if people don't respect them. THE LIONESS OF AdultFriendFinder

THE LIONESS OF AdultFriendFinder

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