50 reasons to date me  

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50 reasons to date me

am posting this add to find a single white male who is 35- 45 years old I am not dating anyone right now and I have a good outlook on life. I am a 43 year old professional woman. I have a sense of humor as you can tell by this post. I have posted this add before and now I have add this to let men know what I am looking for in a dating partner. I am not a 300lb hairy inmate from a state or federal prison looking for naked photos of men so please do not send any naked hairy photos of you dick. I want to see your face first thank you before I look at the other goods your photo gets mine. If all you have is naked photos just let you whole face and body be in it .
1.I shave all over and when needed I wax
2. I don't care if you try to fuck my friends because I know they are not better at giving head than me.
3.I like nude beach's (no tan lines)
4. I don't get Jealous messed my last relationship up.
5.I can cook.
6. I don't chew tobacco
7 I think stick shifts are great.
8. I won't tell you to ask for directions
9.I will let you change the oil in my car.
10. I won't get mad when you ask if I am on my cycle
11.I won't fuck your friends. Unless you ask me to.
12. I don't like monster trucks.
13. I don't watch soaps but 24 is not a soap.
14.I do like the sopranos and dead wood.
15.god gave me a small mouth for a reasons
16. God gave me long legs for a reason
17. He also gave me a killer rack.
18. I love sex all the time.
19.I take only 1 hour to get ready.
20.I can read a book while you watch sports.
21.I will not take your remote control
22. I will try to leave the room when I fart.
23. When I stink up the bathroom I will spray freshener.
24. I will not tell you to clean up your house.
25 I will not make fun of you in front of your friends.
26.I will only tell you when your friends make ass's of themselves.
27.I will not make you spend time with my family.
28.My sister is a bitch and I already know it so you will not have to tell me.
29. My mother is not alive so you do not have to deal with her.
30. I don't care if you look a nude photos.
31 Of course I will watch porn with you. If that is what you like
32, I will tell you when you need to go faster or slower
33. I will let you spank me once in a while. when I am good or bad
34. I like it from behind. but my face is pretty also
35.I am a cheap drunk.
37 I will not drink any of your beer.
38 I do not do Tina or know who she is
39. I have never been to jail. yet plus I don't have bail money
40 I won't yell when I am on my hands and knees What are you doing back there.
41. I will let you do my laundry.
42 . I will wear sexy underthings, so you can rip them off my body or nothing at all if you like
43 I have spiked heels cfmp
44. I was a gymnast till I got out of college.
45. I am still limber after a hot tub soak
46 I have not been a slut for everyone, just a few
47. No I probably have not dated one of your friends
48. No I dont want to have a baby
49.I love being alone sometimes, you might what to leave me alone also
50.I don't want to get married again.

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