some already know this but i had nuttin else to write as am tired and exhausted and well ...  

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7/12/2006 8:39 am

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some already know this but i had nuttin else to write as am tired and exhausted and well ...

so i'm driving ... and see cars slow'n up ahead of me, and it looks like there is road kill in the middle of the road, right. so instantly i take a calm'n breath and brace myself for the inevitable; though, guess what? it aint dead whatever it is, and people are still just drive'n past.
so being me. i stop to see if i can help. maybe easy the critters pain, or get it to a hospital. i drive right up close to it and see, right on the double yellow, a tiny little dog. looks like a fat taco bell dog.
and the little fucker is scared shitless, lookin right up at me through my window.
so i pull over into the middle of the road, and block on coming cars in case someone hits it.
i get out and start doing the whole, "hey there lil guy, whatcha doin mind if i check ya out? dont bite me now, i just wanna get you outta the road..." bit, and the little dog tries to crawl over to me, i think for sure its back is broke... and then ... some fucker who wants to drive past us in teh oncoming lane, lays on his horn.
*takes breath*
i pick up teh shakin dog and put it into my truck when, to my amazment, the horn guy yells out his window, "what the fuck are you doing asshole?"


i walk around the front of my truck and proceed to tell the guy just what the fuck i was doing. i tell him ,i think rather calmly ...
"what am i doing? i'm help'n ta get a little dog outta the road you worthless piece of shit, and if you had an balls you'd either get out and help, or get out and let me grab ya by your fat ass nose and beat you to within an inch of your fuckin life.'

the guy shoust back, "i dont have time for assholes"

and tries to drive around me on the shoulder; but as i was damn pissed, i wasn't about to let that go over, so i hauled off and kicked out and my foot put a pretty good wack in the driver side door of his car.

long story short too late.
the dog was ok, just really scared, and got out from its owner's gate, this nice old lady, once back in the yard it ran around all happy and even gave my hand a lick goodbye. the guy in the car, well he better fuck'n hope i dont ever see him or his car ever again cause i can hold one hell of a grudge mother fucker.
oh, and i think i broke my toe.

rm_rlandma 41M/40F
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7/14/2006 9:47 am

well ....ahem toe is actually feeling better now baby but ....ahhhhh...well i do seem to have this .....ummmmm ......well ..... *whispers in yoru ear* .....yeah, that sure could do with a kiss. *winks*

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