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6/23/2006 9:14 am

i can remember her standing junt inches away from me, my legs out the open door of my truck, the door like a sheild wrapping around her, protecting her from the dawn. she was shorter than me, so i'd always try to sit, when around her, to keep us level as it were. the winter birds were a quiet chorus as the sky took on that midwinter dawn blue metalic grey. we had spent the night together in her room, talking. remembering, laffing, learning; but hardly touching save for a glance of skin on skin, fingertips stealing sensations, hugs a bit longer than they ought to have been. when teh evening began we were no longer sure if we were the same people we had been when last we knew each other, now, we knew we were older and those same people but changed.
something had changed
the way it always does
then she smiled and stole my breath
"so are you going to kiss me or what?"
her laffs lilting in the chill air like music
i loved her laff when she let it out
i kissed her that first time and thought to myself;
this is not what i expected
and then i was carried away by the rythmic pounding of my heart, lost in that moment, opening my body and mind to drink in every last detail because i knew,
i knew,
it wouldnt last

i was blessed by more time with her, and then she was gone, and i walked away from that moment
but i can still look over my shoulder and try to catch a glimpse of what was

and you? do you have your story? the one that you look back to? tell me so i can forget mine that much more...

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