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a young boy wanted to learn what love was,

and so this boy went to his mother, who was not very old, but was old enough to know that she was not as beautiful as she once was; and the boy asked her, "what is love?"
and teh mother answered, "love is like a dream, or painful memory, intense while you have it but once gone, it fades just so ..."

and so the boy went to his father who was not around as much for many reasons and who always looked tired even when he smiled, and the boy asked, "what is love?"
and his father answered, "love is putting all you have into something even though you know what you get back will be deminished."

and so the boy next went to a wise man of faith and asked this man who scared him, "what is love?"
and the man of faith answered, "god is love and we must fear god for if he was to take his love away from us we would be lost."

and so the boy was confused and did not really understand how love could mean so many different things to so many people.
and so the boy asked a young girl whom he met at school, "what is love?"
and the girl smiled, kissed the boy, and then took his hand and put it in her skirt, then she took her hand in put it in his pants, finally she kissed him again but differently, her smile left her, and she walked away saying nothing.

the boy did not know what love ment to her, but he knew more than he did before he asked; and, he liked her explination best.

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shhhhhhhhhh ... i'll make it easy for ya, love, is a word ... its all teh shit we ascribe to the word that gets confusing. *winks*

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