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11/29/2005 4:04 am

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Ah, Kiki. Such a hot little thing. My god is she hot. Beautiful dark skin, great eyes and an ass that won't quit. She makes me so wet just thinking of her.

I met Kiki in a bar while in university. She caught my eye right away. She was out with a group of people that she knew, but she wasn't having much fun. She caught my glance and her eyes pleaded with me to get her out of there. I walked over to her and kindly introduced myself and we left her group. As she went to thank me, I couldn't help myself. I had to kiss those beautiful full lips. She didn't protest.

Our first time together was incredible. She certainly knew just how to push all the right buttons. I had never cum with such force before her. It was so great, we shut ourselves in a hotel room for three days.

She tastes so sweet. And my god can that woman make me cum. I remember the first time we had a threesome together. My boyfriend at the time thought she was cute so I asked him if he would be interested in a threeway. He smiled at me and said sure, if I could get her interested. I called her, and she was there in an hour.

We started on each other, kissing, touching, fingerfucking. All the while, watching his reaction. He was so shocked we were so into each other. I remember sticking my tongue in her wet pussy and the feeling when she came. I remember him jacking off to the scene in front of him. His cock growing harder and harder with every second. And I remember her giving him a blowjob. However, I don't remember him fucking either one of us. I was more into her. (Which, consequently, is the reason I dumped him shortly after this).

I saw her a couple of days ago. We went at it in the mall bathroom. I just couldn't help myself.

Not that I really wanted to.......

bigsexy12345j 42M
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12/6/2005 11:57 pm

i see y i couldnt help my self eather if eather one of u where naked
in front of me i had to jack off after reading that u bolth are so hot i had a good time thans for the blog keep writing

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