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11/13/2005 12:01 am

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So, I went out to the bar last night, after leaving work. Met some friends, had a few drinks. You know, the usual. Horny as hell, I walk into the bar wearing a short black leather skirt, no underwear, and a sexy top. Dancing and drinking with friends is always a good time.

Then, he caught my eye. Sexy, tall, dark, and new to town. I just had to introduce myself. We talked, and danced, and grinded, and made out on the dance floor. When he whispered in my ear that he wanted me, he had me. We headed out of the bar, into the hotel across the street.

So, I was wearing this zip up hooker boots and needed to take them off. As I bent down to undo them, he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, pressing against me. I could feel his cock already starting to harden.

Turning to face him, I could feel his hands tracing their way down to my ass. They felt their way underneath my skirt to my wet, waiting pussy. Taking our clothes off, he pulled me over to the bed.

Laying him down, I started kissing my way down his body, until I reached his very hard, very big, beautiful cock. Taking it in my mouth, I felt him squirm just a little. Sucking him until he was almost ready to cum, feeling him in my mouth, made me even wetter then I was.

He stopped me, flipping me over onto my back, teasing my clit and pussy with his tongue and fingers. Making me drip, wanting him inside of me. Finally he slipped his cock inside me, taking my breath away for just a second. In and out his cock moved, fucking me deeper and harder with each thrust.

I came so hard, so many times. It felt so good. After all this time of not getting any, I got more then I bargined for. He came with such force, we almost fell off the bed.

Sleeping in his arms was beautiful and sweet. Waking up to his hard cock in my back was pretty great too. Let's just say we missed our check out time.

Can't wait for next time.

Oh, by the way, the photo....that's what I was wearing last night. Let me know what you think.


11/13/2005 2:17 pm

Congrats on finally achieving your wish! No doubt you deserved it. Had you any premonition or genereal feelings that something like this was going to occur earlier that day or was it a complete surprise?

For as yet unknown reasons I can usually sense when something of this nature is about to happen for myself. And always well before the situation itself begins to materialize. I wonder if it's anything similar to those animals who sensed the coming tsunami in Thailand/Indonesia and split the scene before it arrived?

Science will probably never know.

Yes, that all black outfit is quite appealing on you. Although I'd really like to see a bit larger of an image against a white background or something that's a different tone from the clothes themself. (not a complaint - just thinking wishfully) What are the materials each item is made from?


rm_rein1in 44M

11/14/2005 2:32 am

Wow I need to go to the bar in red deer more often however if there is any interest in a one night stand anyways i would be all but happy to make some arrangements what a lucky guy he was

rm_riviera3 36F

11/15/2005 2:48 am

Always looking for a good one night stand. If you can blow my mind, I'll blow you.

bigsexy12345j 42M
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12/7/2005 12:06 am

i dont know about blowing ur mind but there is a cople of things on ur body i would love to blow im like an angel and ill take u to heaven

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