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I told you I would be introducing you to Casey as well. Well, here she is.

Casey is a goddess to me. She is beautiful, funny, smart, sexy and tasty.

She was my roommate in university. We met the first day of registration. I was in a hurry to move in and get away from my parents. I headed into my room and there she was, sitting on her bed. She was gorgous and took my breath away. She still does.

We pledged the sorority together and became fast friends. Everytime I looked at her, she stole my heart.

She isn't the first woman I was ever with, but, she is the one I'm still with.

I remember our first night together. It was a halloween party at a frat house and we went together, sort of. We were both looking to get laid that night. We just didn't know it would be by each other.

I went as Genie (you know, from I Dream Of...) and she went as an angel. She looked so hot in her short, white dress and angel wings. I had to have her.

Finding out if she wanted me was another story. I wanted to ask her, but I didn't want to ruin what we already had. So, I did nothing.

When we were walking home, she surprised me. "When are you going to kiss me?" she asked me, right out of the blue. Grabbing her arm, I pulled her to me and kissed her. Our tongues mingling like crazy. She made me so wet.

We barely made it in the house before we were ripping each other's clothes off. She was so beautiful, standing in front of me, naked, shaved. I wanted to taste her so badly.

I led her over to the couch where we sat down, just kissing. Even her kiss tastes sweet. I let my hand trail down her body to her beautiful breasts. I broke our kiss and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking on one, then the other. My hand trailed further down to her sweet, wet pussy. She opened her legs for me and at first I just put my fingers inside, one at a time. Wanting her so badly, I lowered my head and used my tongue on her pussy and clit. She quivered under my touch and begged for more. The more I tasted, the more I wanted.

She tasted so sweet when she came in my mouth. I didn't stop licking her, sucking her clit. I couldn't. I didn't want to.

She stopped me by pulling my face to hers and kissing me, tasting herself on my lips. She laid me down and trailed kisses down my body, sucking my nipples, licking my thighs, then finally reaching my own wet pussy.

The woman is talented......She made me cum with such a force, I couldn't stop.

We cuddled on the couch for the longest time when all was done. I remember that I liked the feeling of her skin on mine. Her breasts felt so great pressed into my back. And her fingers never stopped moving. Always playing with my clit, making me want her more and more.

Casey and I have been together since 1998, when we met in university. We have had some rough patches, but what relationship doesn't?! All I know is, no matter what, we find our way back to each other.

Now, I'm not a lesbian. I'm bisexual. I love men as much as I love women. However, any man that I am with for more then a one night stand, must approve of my relationship with Casey and she has to like him. I am not giving up on my beautiful girl for anyone.

But, I will share her once in a while.

Casey is the one constant in my very hectic life. I am in love with the woman and she is in love with me. She's my soulmate.

Everyone needs one of those.

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