Another trip tomorrow  

rm_riskyrick5 65M
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8/26/2006 11:23 am

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8/30/2006 11:30 am

Another trip tomorrow

Heading for Dallas, Tx. I have already hooked up with someone and if things work out right, by this time tomorrow night I should be tongue tasting anothe fine female. I can't wait to see her reaction to my piercing.

MakMeLuvItBig 64F

8/26/2006 12:49 pm

Of all the penises i've tried, I've never had a pierced one.
I guess from behind - doggy style - it would hit my clit when you stroke.
I'll have to try one some day.
Nice "dick pic", thanks for the idea.

rm_riskyrick5 65M
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8/30/2006 11:30 am

MakMeLuvItBig.....Thanks for the compliment. The piercing has a second part to it. A loop that circles the shaft behind the head. On the loop are 4 beads that add to internal stimulation. It hits the G-Spot right on target... >>! =8


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