Happy Birthdy stripper  

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10/12/2005 10:08 pm

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Happy Birthdy stripper

Happy 40th to me.

Dang!!! I thought my 40th Birthday would be a lot more exciting. I tell ya it's kinda anti-climatic. Yesterday, my girlfriend took said let's go out to eat and I thought, she is trying to surprise me. On the way to the restaurant I quizzed her about where she wanted to eat and she let me pick the location. I was like cool, this is my birthday dinner and she hasn't pre-arranged anything she is just letting me pick the restaurant. So I pick Olive Garden. It's nice and romantic. We can share a bottle of wine and have a nice dinner.

Also on the way there, she takes out her cell phone and starts pushing buttons. I'm saying to myself, "AHA!!!! She's text messaging friends and they are going to surprise us at the restaurant".

I ask her what she is doing and she says, "just playing a game."

I say, "with the antenna up?"

She replies, "It helps".

I reply, "the game is on the phone and doesn't need an antenna".

She mumbles something about maybe having to re-download the game. But I'm thinking, "AHA!!!! you are so busted."

We arrive at the restaurant and as soon as we walk into the front door she tells me to go to car to get my jacked because she is cold.

I walk back to the care trying to look in the windows of the restaurant to she if she is making party arrangements with the wait staff, but I the car is too far away for me to get a good view.

I return with the jacket and as we pass the wait-staff they look at us smile and say enjoy your dinner. I'm thinking, "yeah baby the party is on".

The waiter seats us near the back and see the remaining wait staff singing happy birthday to someone else. So I'm thinking it won't be long until the are singing for me.

We order our food I get a glass of wine and she orders ice tea. I'm thinking, "hmmmm... interesting selection for a surprise birthday celebration." But oh well to each his own.

While we are having dinner she gets up and goes to the lady's room. I'm thinking, "OK she is checking on the birthday plans."

She returns and I start to quizz her about where she's been and what the bathroom looks like. I find her answers suspicious to say the least.

After we finish eating the waiter collects the plates and leaves. then I see the manager approaching our table. I'm thinking this is different could he be bringing the surprise cake?

He politely places the check on the table and gives us instructions on doing a phone survey, after with we will receive $3.00 off our next visit.

I slowly reach for the bill, waiting for her to grab it first. But she doesn't. I pay the bill and while the waiter is off processing my credit card I think the cake and the birthday seranaders will come with the waiter.

The waiter returns, hands me my card. I sign the receipt and we leave the restaraunt.

Ok no party there, i think to myself.

to make a longer story shorter. She told me happy birthday at about 2:00 am that morning but I didn't get sex that night nor the next morning. There also wasn't a card when I woke up.

however, today "the 12th" she with to the store around 6 pm got me a small cake, and 2 birthday cards and she and my daughter sang happy birtday to me.

My mom called and wished me a happy birthday and my brother sent me an email saying happy birtday. No other family members called. My ex-wife didn't acknowledge my birthday, at least with her birthday I had my daugther make her something.

man I guess my 40th came and went with a wimper.

Because no one else seems to care, I guess it's good that I spent $500+ at a stip club last weekend celebrating my 40th. And the ironic part is that the stripper who I was with all night, her birthday is on the same day as mines.

So everyone join me in saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the stripper because she is $300+ dollars richer and I'm $500+ poorer. (FYI the rest of the money went to buying alcohol. I left the club a slobbering drunk and had to be escorted home.)

Sorceror07 54M

10/12/2005 11:28 pm

hey bro, it's all good... especially if you had fun the week before getting drunk and giving all your money to an exotic dancer. actually, i'd much rather do that then endure a family suprise party.

though, when i turned 30, my parents orchestrated a suprise party for me... and they had a stripper come to the party. I still remember her vividly, long blonde hair, perky B cups, beautiful face, blue eyes, incredibly soft skin and a smell of jasmine. THAT was awesome! totally pissed off my wife (1st wife) which made it even more fun.

hang in there, 40 was boreing for me too.

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

rm_riffraff1906 51M

10/14/2005 7:08 pm

Sounds like fun. I wish someone would have paid for mine.

rm_riffraff1906 51M

10/14/2005 7:10 pm

I guess there is an upside to everything.

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