Trick or Treat?  

rm_ricop1379 37M
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2/24/2006 12:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Trick or Treat?

I know it is a little early, but I think I found my Halloween costume.

Assless chaps and a cowboy hat.

What do you think? Would you give me a treat? Or would you try to hose me down with cold water?

Ladies, do I really have to wait until Halloween to wear this?

BiF33Ut 50F
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2/24/2006 1:22 am

(clearing throat)... sugar... chaps are assless....

Now, back to the question at hand... I wouldnt make you wait.... infact, that might become your Sunday "riding" outfit

You could hang on to a fist full of hair in one hand and swing that cowboy hat up over your head with the other hand...

My question to you is.. can you hang on for 8 seconds?

rm_ricop1379 37M

2/24/2006 2:09 am

8 seconds? No problem. I may be a city boy, but I know how to ride.

BiF33Ut 50F
295 posts
2/24/2006 5:50 am

Prove it Cowboy....

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
9753 posts
2/24/2006 6:34 am

Save a horse ride a cowboy!!! Yeee haaaa baby, come here and mama will give you something

Purry {=}


rm_ricop1379 37M

2/25/2006 1:53 am

All right, I’m coming over ladies. And you may do a little bit more than nibble if you like.

saddletrampsk 54F

2/25/2006 8:09 am

Mmmmmm..very sexy..I am sucker for a man in a cowboy hat..can I bring my spurs?

PassionKisses4Me 44F

2/25/2006 5:20 pm

Yummy....cum be my cowboy baby


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