A Good Day  

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1/19/2006 5:08 pm

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A Good Day

Midnight tonight marks the end of my 8-year contract with the Navy. Which means, Bush cannot re-call me anymore to fight his stupid war.

Yeah me!!!

Good thing too, because a couple weeks ago I threw out all my old uniforms except for my dress whites. (Which are kinda sexy)

In other news... So I was driving down the freeway to class when I realized, I forgot to get gas. There is a Shell near my house I like to go to, and there is another right by my school that I go to as well. There are a few other places along the way but I can’t stand getting gas from there.

So, since I was already on the freeway, I just said fuck it and hoped I could make it to the Shell near my school. Keep in mind, the gauge was already on E.

So I was a little nervous, but you know what, I made it! The gauge was already below E and there was a check gauge light blinking, I think I made it just on fumes alone.

Anyway, I aced my mid-term. No school until next Tuesday. Finished both of my major projects. No homework to worry about. I went to the Chinese place and got myself a plate of Teriyaki chicken and Orange chicken. I got a few movies in from Netflix. Oh yes, I’m happy.

Ever have one of those days where everything can go so wrong, but in the end turns so right?

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