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rm_rickyyy69 53M
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1/8/2006 8:22 am

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12/18/2007 9:14 am

sexy and single

my first date by way of AdultFriendFinder,im a single white male that loves dressing in sexy ladys cloths and looks good doing it. iv got many replys to my add and wonted to find what i thought migt be the perfict date. some one that loves another guy dressed very hot in high heels nylons paintes short tight skirt sexy tight top with soft nice fake breast. i finally got the reply i was lookihg for, so we set up a time and got together,i have so many out fits its hard to pick one out but did. i wore a black 6in high heel hot pink pantyhose crotchless, full cut tight pink panties very sexy,skin tight thigh high pink skirt, a nylon black sports bra and larg soft breast very nice for titty fucking also. havent stared wearing wigs or make up yet but plan to. so we finally get to my house havent got dresased yet sinse i had to meet him some place so he could follow me back home. so i get us some beers and went up stares dress, as i came down the stairs i could see his eyes get big and a smille came over his face and said oh my god thank you and i said dont thiank him just yet more to cum. i picked up my drink and had to bend over as far as i cuold to do so lol,and went over and stod in front of him and started doing just what i wonted him to do which was to just start puting his hands all over me rubbing on my leggs from high heel to my tight round aassss and then puting his hands up my skirt and finding my larg siff cock which i like to stick my cock down under my checks and pulling my very tight panties up holding it just right so it almost looks like i dont even have a 8in cock sexy isnit, so i just stood there with my eyes wide shut leting him just feel all of me.i lve having hands run up and down my nylon coverd leggs just turns me on sooooo ummm, so after a long time at getting very hard and wet with my long hard cock sticking some ways out putting a nice round lump in the back of my he rubbed and licking now and then i had to stop him from making me cum in my panties, i then had him stand up so we could get him out of his cloths and he was very very hard and had a great cock standing strate up for me.he then ask me if he could kiss me and i said well i gess if i can take your cock in my mouth then yes i would lvoe to have you kiss me thats what im for babe. so while we stood holding each others cocks stocking softly we stared kiss , iv had other mens cock in my outh but never felt his toung befor and relly liked it im sure i even got hardeer if that was even possible, i stoped and pulled a way so i could get a blaket to put on the floor so we cuold relly starte in on each other. i got on my knnes and told him to cum hear pls as he did his stiff cock started bounsing up and down as iwatched him get closer then i was able to grab it strocking it few times befor sliding his hot wet stiff cock in my mouth oh it was so good he put his hands on the top of my head i just loved that so i stared picking up on the pace more and more wonting him to shoot his first wad in my mouth as he stared moning and pushing in and out of my mouth it was just the greatest thing, i keep sucking taking all of him down my throught slightly letting my teeth rubb on his head now and then making him mone louder and louder till then he stated shacking a little and his grip got tighter on my head i knew he was going to cum in my mouth so i started sucking harder and hardre till he yeld a little i felt the hot tastey love juices start flowing all in my mouth god my first load in the mouth and found that loved it and just keep sucking as some of his cum strted cuming out hte corners of my mouth but just keep sucking that hot cock,till he could not take any more he pulled out had me lay down on the floor as he came down a started kiss me agin still loveing it, he was running his hand up and down my nylons as i told him i love the way you toch me like that, he then moved in between my lggs finally pullig my skiry off leaving my leggs high in the aie as grabbed them and pulling them to his chest then spreding the apart so he could have full view of my soacking wet panties by now, then said those are some nice panties and i thank you now play with them for a while as he did so, he bent down and statted kissing and rubbing onmy cock he asked if he could pull them up and arond my knnesas i said pls do that for me, then he said i dont wont to take them all way off there to hot on you and that was fine with me lover. by now i could feel he was almost fully hard agin makeing me even harder yet agin. he lowerd my leggs down and pulling my large cock free of my checks and stroking a couple times then coming back up face to faceand started kissing me hard now rubbing on my brest then going back down and grabed up my cock and started to take it in his hot most mouth oh my god did it ever feel good and at the same time keep rubbing up and down my leggs, i new now if he wonted to fuck me and would me the first i would get in any position he ask as many times i wonted his big hot cock to exspold in my tight littl ass and feel his cum running down in betwwen my tight checks ummmmmm.he keep sucking on me till i had to stop him ans ask him to get in a69 pls i need your cock in mouth agin pls as he stsrted moving i alredy had his long cock in my hand and in no time i was sucking on him be for he could even get turnd around and take me in his mouth now we wher just sucking and sucking it was the greates ever after a while i could feel the bild up more amd more as i started letting him know i was almost ready to cumm he started relly punping my mouth agin faster and fastre i agin felt his second load runing down the back of my neck it was just so cool having that cock shooting cum in me well it was finally time for me to cum and that i did i think twice lol and he never stoped to ask any questions just keeo suck and swolowing my cum with cumming and having 3 of his finggers in my man pussey i just keep cumming as we just keep licking on each other he finnally moved back up to lay with me and we statred kiss agin, but we had so much sucking going we didnt have time left over for him to start fucking my tight ass and that relly sucked i so did wont to feel his cock in side me, so after while of kiss and just a little more sucking he was gone, till the next weeek and that is a npther hot hot story so if you liked this let me know and i will post the next one ty love rickyyy 69

rm_tones_ones 31M

1/11/2006 12:48 pm

hi sweetie. love your new pic. and i loved your post.its so hot and steamy. i hope i can pump your load down my throught. luv

tbonedabone69 53M

2/11/2006 6:26 pm

Hi Rickyyy69 indeed. I loved your story. I had me jerking off right away I will read it over and over till I cum tonight. I dont know where you are but I wish you were around here. My biggest fantasy is to be with a TV who's stuff still works. I would love to stay in touch with you and maybe email some sexy things to each other. Maybe you could give me some advise on technique and position. I'm wanting to loose my virinity. Any sugestions on the best position for that. Check my profile and email me if you like. Wish you were hee rightnow!! ;-0

rm_j4500dl 65M
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3/15/2006 5:50 am

loved your story wish it happened to me
never been with a t/s but would love to you are hottttt

fred95407 64M
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3/17/2006 6:18 am

I enjoyed you story very much, most erotic I am a mm/52 straight...but would love to chat with you and see if there was interest.
Regardless if you contact me or not I did love your story.

fred95407 64M
2 posts
3/17/2006 10:30 am


I very much enjoyed your story. I am a mm/52 in the Santa Rosa area.
I am fit clean dd/free and always considered myself straight. I find your story very exciting and would love the opportunity to chat with you...and possibly meet. As a free member do not have a means to contact you directly.

phs701 40M

7/27/2007 12:51 pm

great story

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