Trip to Atlanta with a stop in Tallahasee  

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8/25/2006 11:00 am

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Trip to Atlanta with a stop in Tallahasee

When planning my trip to Atlanta I asked if you would drive from Tampa and meet me Tallahasee. Now I am driving into the city looking forward to meeting you at the hotel you picked out. I enjoyed talking to you while we were both driving to meet. I am getting wet with anticipation. All I carry into the hotel is my overnight case and a change of clothes for tomorrow, you have already warned me we would not be leaving the room tonight. Tonight is for getting to know each other in person. Riding up in the elevator I can feel my excitement rise. I knock on the door and you open it wearing nothing but boxer shorts. I walk in and drop everything, just wanting to be in your arms at long last. After long moments of your lips on mine, I look around the room. I see my favorite wine, Berringer’s White Zinfindal chilling, a single yellow rose on my pillow and two hotel bathrobes on the bed. Oh yes, a shower after a long drive. Taking the robes into the bathroom with us, I see a glass walled shower big enough for two. you take time undressing me, wanting to enjoy it as you go. Touching me with your hands and your lips. When I am naked you turn on the water and get it just right as I put up my hair. Oh the warm water feels so good, but not as good as your lips on my neck or your hands on my breasts. You shield me from the spray with your body , I feel the hair on your chest rub against my back as you soap me down using nothing but your hands. Reaching my most intimate parts with your fingers. The first touch my knees go weak and you pull me closer to you. You turn me to face you and kiss me, leaving me wanting more as you resume washing my back down to my ass. As you touch my ass, I feel your already hard cock leap. I really want you to pay more attention to my ass, but it can wait. I slide down your body to my knees. I encircle your cock with my hand, using the other hand to fondle your balls. I bring your cock to my mouth, circling it with my tongue. It is so silky. I take the head into my mouth and enjoy the sensation. You are already slippery from the water but I still run my tongue the length of your shaft. Then I lick you balls and suck them into my mouth, you shudder. I trail my tongue back up the shaft and suck your cock back into my mouth, it doesn’t take long before your fill my mouth with cum. Licking my lips I kiss you so that you can taste your nectar on my lips. Stepping from the shower, you dry me off, wrap me in a robe, and promise me a glass of wine with trimmings.

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