Girls will be Girls  

rm_reisaree 42F
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9/19/2005 3:17 am

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Girls will be Girls

Nope thats not what you hear usually. But it does hold true just as well as boys will be boys. Seems that females tend to have a tougher time with jealousy issues. This is why I only had a couple of close girlfriends growing up and hung out mostly with the guys. It was a simple thing. My 1st cousin and I were only 6 months apart and were raised across the street from each other. His friends were my friends. And although I wasn't really a tomboy..these were the kids I hung out with.. ANd being that I *wasn't* a tom boy..In fact quite the opposite... this got me lots of hell from this group of boys that allowed a girl to hang out..Of course I was the gopher... the ball retriever...the one that had to wait last to be able to do anything that required a wait.. Still I didn't complain.. we were just kids.. I was glad they let me be a part.. as I got into jr and hs i started hangin around more girls... and noticed the difference.. always whispering and talking about the people around them... I never once heard any of my guys saying.. did you *see* what Rodney had on with those pants..LOL... The girls would start putting down another girl that had done nothing to them besides talk to a guy that they thought was cute.. MY guy friends.. well if they talked to a girl that one of the others crushed on.. Well the guy with the crush wouldnt be like.. damn that Rodney..he is talking to that girl I like. He would be like so Rodney wha does she smell ike.. Whats her phone number? No signs of jealousy from the males. And although its in my nature to be jealous.. I tend to lean more to handling this like one of the guys... I don't get jealous when my friends are having a good time.. I say hell yeah...have a good time and tell me how it goes.. Jealousy shouldn't be a factor if they are your friend.. My ideas...and a bit of my life showing...

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rm_talldarkavg1 105M
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9/21/2005 3:28 pm

As my people say...Jealousy is like a canteen with a hole at it's bottom. It carries only promises of emptiness.

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sexychevygal911 40F

9/21/2005 7:36 pm

I really like your outlook on things, kinda like my own. i know where you're coming from, as i work in a mostly male environment, and all of the females are 'competing' for there attention, crazy shit! i guess i get a long with the men cause i haven't messed with anyone from work, totally taboo, keep posting chic! looking forward to it!

rm_reisaree 42F
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9/23/2005 1:41 am

awww kississsisssisssisss...for you mister!

rm_reisaree 42F
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9/23/2005 1:41 am

thanks alot sexychevygal..... appreciate your words...

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ohitsogood2 50M
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9/28/2005 2:43 pm

So many poor folks let harmfull thoughts fill the mind and soul.Lost people that are racked with such thoughts are tormented by the failed search for self love.If only they would look to the heart one holds in the chest.

rm_texasmermaid 46F
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10/11/2005 12:20 pm

reisa honey (((hugs)))

Ya know I love you!!!

BTW.....who are these people??

AltumHunksUnite 53M

10/11/2005 1:53 pm

I haven't been here in a while. Just checking in to pass along some good thoughts in case you need them.

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JimSilver2000 47M
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10/12/2005 2:18 pm

But at least women comunicate, you wont get males sitting down and disscussing thier feelings. I imaginethat that in it self is very therapeutic even if it does come with the knowledge that everyone there after will know your problems. LOL. Well thought I would Take a chance to say hello, since I cant send Emails at moment but would like to continue disscussion.

rm_reisaree 42F
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10/12/2005 11:23 pm

I dunno who they are Mer... I just know Mister..*he's the handsome one at the top*... and I know Cleavis... but all are welcome here...

and btw...Thanks for stopping by Cleavis.... *smiles*

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