rm_reisaree 42F
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7/6/2005 3:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Well this one has knocked me for a loop.. I sure hope someone can give me a couple of clues. I was trekking along in a group of mine. I came across someone who was wanting to post their pic that just so happened to have him smoking a pipe in it it. And no, this was not a crack pipe, not a "one-hit" pipe, just a regular ol' wood tobacco pipe.
The powers that be wouldn't let it be posted on his profile. The man couldn't understand. He even had his clothes on. He was told it was because he was smoking a cigarette. WHAT??? I thought cigarettes were round and white, a little longer than your finger. He argued with them... told them its a pipe, not a cigarette. But they wouldn't budge.
I decided to put that to a little test myself. I took some pictures of me in various poses with a cigarette. Some of the pics were of only my hand and the ciggy and some were of me putting it to my mouth..Oh and that was so gross, btw, am not a smoker and had borrowed my husbands lit cigarette to use for my pics.
WELL... not only did my pics not get posted...I wasn't even sent a letter from AdultFriendFinder as I usually do for pictures that are not approved. I just went to check on my profile to see had they been approved and I found empty spots where the pics once were. They were gone. AdultFriendFinder just took them away.. Not one word to me.
I have posted one such pics here. To show you that they were just regular pictures. I wasn't blowing smoke up someone's ass.... hahaha...
Maybe that is the prob... this is an adult sex site.... Maybe I should've been doing something adult and sexy with them...
Oh, well.... I'm sure that the cigarette would've probaly offended someone... I guess I should just stick to my anatomy... Off to take a close up of my butt... with the caption "KISS THIS" under it... Might make me feel better.

-----> banned text and twirling......
----->prancing and banned text

rm_venture12002 62M
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7/6/2005 4:59 pm

I had to write a blog saturday about smoking because I was so mad I just had to get it out.My friend was asked to leave a non-smoking resterant (where he was NOT smoking) because someone walked by and thought they smelled smoke on his clothes.Give me a break.Any exuse to be rude.Out here in nut land where I live now a woman tried to sue her neighboor for smoking in his own home.She said sometimes the wind would blow her way.Like forest says "crazy is as crazy does".

rm_jayR63 59F
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7/6/2005 5:16 pm

I think someone has appointed themselves surgeon general of this site.

I can post a photo that shows me shoving a cucumber up my twat (don't look for it, I didn't) but you can't show a cigarette.

Go figure.

rm_go4orgasm 46M
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7/6/2005 7:36 pm

I had similar things done to my blog by - as I call it - "Ministry of Truth". Fight censorship ! Color your ass green [see my blog entry] and I'll take a pic smoking [I'm a desperate non-smoker].

rm_affbreak 46M
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7/6/2005 7:39 pm

See my blog entries about censorship.

freetime648 52F

7/6/2005 10:27 pm

I live in Germany, where you can smoke EVERYWHERE, but, I am also affiliated with a military bas where you damn near have to hide to smoke. It makes no sense to me me in the fact that they say it all is in the name of health! Ok, but, why then do they promote Popeye's, Taco Bell and Burger King? I see more overwieght people then I do smokers. I am a smoker but, I do not dissrespect anyone who doesn't. Makes no sense to me. Alas, I began smoking cessation classes yesterday so wish me luck!

xx FREETIME648 xx

rm_talldarkavg1 105M
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7/7/2005 6:08 am

Your Majesty. I hate to sound out of place here...but the answer is obvious why no smoking photos are permitted! AdultFriendFinder is in touch with both the community and the medical community.

Second hand smoke kills the innocent. Granted, studies have not directly linked viewing cigarettes with eye cancer, but can a business really afford to jeopardize their assets?

[blog talldarkavg1]

rm_reisaree 42F
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7/7/2005 4:48 pm

HEY Mister! Oh I am definetly a hater of cigs... Hubby smokes.. gonna kill me before he kills himself, probaly. I didn't know the site was connected with the medical community.. Thats kinda weird..
It was the principal.. show 6 people having sex..(kinda not healthy if no protection) but don't show a ciggy... Now... Cheech really needs a walk Mister~ ~giggles~

good luck freetime! hope you make it!
affbreak... will do have seen that blog as a matter of fact!
venture... that is absolutely ridiculous..i'd never go to that restaurant...
jayR..maybe if it was a pic of a ciggy up your twat that would be ok?hmmm..... you get what i'm saying though

Rog58 58M

7/9/2005 4:09 am

Is there a way we can pay more attention to you? Please tell us how!

AltumHunksUnite 53M

7/11/2005 6:34 am

Every day I hear something new about this site, and it makes me shake my head with bewilderment.

Let me drive. I like the view

rm_OneHappyDad 82M
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7/18/2005 7:53 pm

Ahhhhh..... the "plitically correct" within the family of homosapiens. Makes me wonder about the sanity of those who want to rule the world. Also makes reason for the "sap" (from the jargon of the pre-politically correct era) in "homosapiens".
And, along that line of thought, talldargavg1, you were jesting with your "AdultFriendFinder is in touch with both the community and the medical community", weren't you?
By the way, Reisa, what has been deleted from your "twirling" sign-off?

rm_OneHappyDad 82M
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7/18/2005 7:58 pm

Pardon my spelling --- "plitically" - hopefully obviously should have read "politically"

Mccartney2003 38M
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7/21/2005 2:17 pm

Censorship is never over for those who have experienced it. It is a brand on the imagination that affects the individual who has suffered it, forever.

I am just curious as to why on a adult site,we must have Censorship to protect us from sexual thoughts? I can understand if they want to protect their investment from cheap people who want to sneak in addys and stuff. I totally understand that. I hate people who try to loophole the system because they are cheap.
But honestly...Is it right to protect us from adult thoughts when we are all together members of a adult site? We all come here to search for the same thing. It's all adult related. Why is it wrong to share out fantasies and expierences here on our blogs? I can understand censorship if it's something totally sick and twisted.
But otherwise I find it kinda silly. Does anyone else agree with me? Please do share your thoughts and feelings on this please. And the silly stuff like simple easy words in poems that I've wrote that have been rejected is crazy.
This is not a raido station and I don't feel the need for the FCC here. I've also had one poem banned and then accepted like a month later. for the longest time it was shown as needing to be revised and then I checked my blog and it was active. Crazy. Remember,Every human being has a right to hear what other wise human beings have spoken to them. It is one of the Rights of Mankind; a very cruel injustice if you deny it to anyone. And did you ever hear anyone say, That work had better be banned because I might read it and it might be very damaging to me? Censorship ends in logical completeness when nobody is allowed to read any words except the words nobody can read

rm_reisaree 42F
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7/21/2005 7:15 pm

Hey HappyDad... Nothings been deleted...LOL.. I just got creative...... Isn't HTML fun??

rm_reisaree 42F
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7/21/2005 7:17 pm

UMM>>> MOJO... Right here??

rm_IALTF 60M
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9/16/2005 4:10 pm

What a fun story....just goes to show how the world can truly turn on a dime if it wants to. I've always enjoyed people who challenge the system and Reisaree, you have done that....jolly good show mate !

As far as a "smokin twat".....prolly make a pretty cool pic....LOL....u up to that Reis ?

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