In light of things  

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10/23/2005 10:03 pm

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In light of things

As odd it may seem, our lives do have up sides. They are very rare and/or rarely seen. But there are upsides to even the darkest things.
In my life, so far, there have been many and i mean many of dark sides. My love life hasn't been the greatest, nor has other aspects have been. But there are things, small things, that do keep me going. Of course, that is my daughter who is the sun shine of my life. She is the first person I am always concern about and naturally that is how it supposed to be.

Despite all I have said so far, I have realized that I am quite lonely. This divorce thing, which I just recently got over and done with, was hard... a lot harder than I thought and has left me with memories I wish not to remember. One memory always plays, and thats the one of where someone is there waiting to listen to you or ready to talk to you, and even ready to lay next to you. Nothing sexual, just that feeling of being needed and wanted always feels nice.

Yet, this is what makes us humans smarter than most animals on this planet. The reason for being able to remember things. Oh well. Tomorrow will be another day and hopefully someone out there, who is also feeling a little loenly will holla back. hah!

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