A "picnic" in the park...  

rm_redsarong 54F
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5/10/2006 11:50 pm

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5/15/2006 6:27 pm

A "picnic" in the park...

Oh, I have been a naughty little girl, this week!

The city is beautiful at this time of year and, fortunately, it's still not too cold to be outside.

Yesterday, I attended a lovely little "picnic" in the park with a delightful, naughty, older man. He is attached to an interesting woman who has given him permission to play with me (they found me together, agreed on me together, he shares with her his stories about me and she has suggested that we meet over a coffee for a chat). I must admit this adds to my desire to fuck this man.

It was nice sitting in the park, kissing and cuddling, and I was getting a little hot, so I opened the top buttons of my trench coat -- under my coat I wore a raunchy, tight-fitting black net top, through which my breasts were clearly visible. He exhaled and my pussy stirred...

Time to move somewhere a little more private, which was not so easy in this park -- most of the area was wide open space with a number of trees spread about. We moved away from the pathway and road, although, anyone driving by with a keen eye would have been curious.

Oh, we were facing each other, cuddled up relaxing on a rug on the ground for the purpose of providing maximum (private) access to various body parts. I raised one knee and he provided me with a lovely finger fucking with his hand up under my skirt. mmmm, I so wanted to ride his fingers, but was cautious about making such obvious moves.

By now, he was very aroused and doing an excellent job of pumping my pussy with two or three fingers, so I lifted my skirt and exposed myself to him. As I raised the hem, his eyes followed the length of my fishnet stockinged legs and then locked on my black frilly panties. Another sigh as he slowly pulled aside the flimsy little piece of fabric separating him from my juicy cunt. His hand engulfed my freshly shaved mound and lips, and his fingers entered my pussy with more urgency, which had me shivering with pleasure.

"OK, I need to see that cock, now!" I thought to myself. His massive erection was pressing hard against his trousers and he helped me release it from its cramped quarters. As he held it in his hand and pulled back the hood, I saw that he was dripping juice from his plump, mushroom head. Oh, I so had to touch it. mmmm! It was hard and my friend made a good amount of lovely cock juice. After I smeared that fat cock in its own juice, I gave him a delightful little hand job -- oh, his shaft was so slippery. For not a moment, though, did his fingers leave my pussy; he fingered my cunt so well and aims to please me. ooooooooo

What happened next, took my breath away!

Without a word of warning, he lunged his head towards my pussy and gave me a long, hot, wet sucking. For a moment, I looked up and realized that this was highly visible to anyone driving by -- I wanted to cum all over his face.

Alas, that will have to wait...


(NB: my naughty friend has asked whether I would like to fuck/suck with him, live on cam... I am still thinking it over...)

ps: I try not to judge other folks -- initially, I decided not to go near attached, however, I realized that is in fact making judgment of others -- my delightful picnic friend is the first, but then, he is rather special.

lovebiter_act 47M

5/13/2006 6:38 am

mmmm awesome

rm_petie1000 68M
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5/15/2006 10:04 am

your naughty exploit makes me horny and jealous. I love pleasing women in much the same way. can't get aroused myself unless i know woman wants it too.most importnat that a woman enjoys it

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