wild party...  

rm_redsands5 58M
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3/16/2006 5:45 pm
wild party...

I got lucky this week when a client invited me to a wild party. Different city, different state. I guess I stood out, because so many women stopped to chat and ask, "where you from?"

Loud music, dark rooms, open bar, TV screens showing ESPN. I was standing near a screen when two young ladies, a blonde and her brunette girlfriend stopped to talk. The blonde was much more forward. As we made our introductions, she unhooked my belt and took it off. She asked if I wanted to play with her and her friend? Stupid question, how could I say no. The brunette was telling me how when she stopped to pick up her friend for the party how she ate the blonde's pussy and made her come. "Now it's my turn." smiled the brunette.

They weren't wearing much clothes. After a couple of drinks and some nice wet kisses, I wasn't wearing any clothes. Lucky me, lucky them.

No sense in going into all the details. I'm sure we have all been there sometime in our lives. Tuesday night, it was just my turn.

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