time just goes so fast  

rm_redhottogo 48M/50F
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7/19/2006 12:38 am
time just goes so fast

wow how the summer has flown by...I really have enjoyed the ride on the bike and our week at Sparks. It is great being thin again and I have relished at the attention my new body has given me. It nice to be noticed by women as well as men. It also has improved my tips at the bar. Soon we will be moving upon the fall and winter thus forcing me to put back on my clothes. What a shame!!! I did miss having by nipple piercing but did add the belly button...it's cute but not as much fun. We have yet to experience the the long sought after female. Maybe it is fear that keeps us away? I would like to seek out that perfect girl that would also be a good friend outside of sex. Maybe while sitting in the hot tub, I would be bold and caress my dear friend...or just kiss her passionately when she is laying on the bed just talking about girl stuff....do I really sense that she too is daring to be brave and express her intermost desires? This leaves a question...How does one find out? Take a chance by losing a friend? Or just boldly ask if she is willing to experiment? Any on care to respond?

AndyUnique 68M

7/19/2006 1:05 am

I don't know about all the other stuff. Just wanted to comment on the bevy of beauties in the picture. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I come back and take a second look?

GraspCrownRusts 46M
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7/20/2006 6:25 am

I recommend the heavy use of alcohol as centric to your talk with the prospective woman...lol. It'll lessen her inhibitions in answering probing questions and you'll be ten-foot tall and bulletproof, so you won't have any problems asking the questions.

Millions and millions of men over the centuries can't have been wrong in this strategy, right?... Hmmmmm... Yeah, we coulda...

Just go with it - have fun - if she's interested, it'll happen... No alcohol neccessary...

And to echo AndyUnique's sentiment, if not his words: "Lookin' mighty yummy over there!" (insert gratuitous wink here)

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