long time between post...............  

rm_redhottogo 48M/50F
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5/29/2006 2:36 pm

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7/19/2006 12:37 am

long time between post...............

WOW, how time flies...It has been a while. Well many seems to love the new improvements for my body. It seems every where I go...someone has something to say. I guess it helps to lose over 60 lbs as well. In some ways, I LOVE IT and in other's it is bothersome. When a man is staring at your rack and just agreeing with everything you say, IT'S A PROBLEM. I want to be taken seriously on occasion. But, oh well, I guess a small price to pay for a better looking body. I post to post new pix soon. I can say that I have missed some of my friends and don't log on as much as I used too...Life is just too busy to keep up

Seduction4u2006 47M
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6/23/2006 9:09 am

It's funny how a man's always lookin at ya ****,,,Ya got real big brains but he lookin at ya **** Got a real big heart but he lookin at ya ****
ok never mind. If men had breasts,,,we'd never leave the house!!! As disturbing as it sounds,,,more than likely is the truth.

Don here in okc....i find your blog fascinating,,,when i can stop starrin at your pic,,,sorry,,,tend to knod and agree alot when that happens. Love to chat with you sometime,,,i dont have any guilt issues and love to have fun...stand about 6'5 or so,,,have a pic if you really want to see it. you can contact me at AdultFriendFinder if you like. hope to hear from you soon.


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