rm_redhedsrfun 52M/46F
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3/6/2006 7:36 am

Things have been so busy around here. I haven't had time for anything more than sleeping and taking care of my family.

Last week I met w/ Tryst. We just hung out ofr a while. It started slowly, on the bed. Just lying next to each other. I started caressing his chest and stomach. That gets him every time. I started moving lower until I was caressing his hardness. He jumped at my touch. We kissed softly and slowly, peice by peice, removed our clothing. Kissing each other where ever the clothing came off. He led me into the living room and sat on our favorite chair. I rode him for a while and reached climax rather quickly. He turned me around and had me on all fours on the chair. It started slow, and then he increased the intensity, giving it to me as hard as he could. I came 2 more times, making myself soaking wet. He pulled out and gently took me anally. I had my dildo w/ me so I worked my pussy with that while he went at it. I was weak in the knees when we were done...

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