Been a while...  

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3/22/2006 3:22 pm

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1/19/2007 4:52 am

Been a while...

Since I've posted. I've been busy, I guess...

The last time I met w/ Tryst was Sunday. We met at a local bar first, for drinks. It drives me crazy the way he can turn me on by gently squeezing my knee and whispering something in my ear like, "Let's get out of here.." mmmmmmm

So we went to a hotel. Clothes came off one item at a time, the whole time we kissed softly and caressed each other. His skin was hot and every time he touched me, it tingled. I'm getting wet now as I type this. His clothes were off first and I kissed his shoulders and chest. He whispered how he was going to fuck me on the couch and the fuck me all over that room. He soon proved himself correct...

I knelt in front of him and slowly licked his cock through his boxers. It tasted so good. He was already starting to ooze and I could taste it through the material. I pulled them off and ran my tongue slowly along the underside of his cock, making him jump w/ excitement. I after tasting every inch, I took him in my mouth and slowly sucked on him. I love to hear him moan when I do that.

He picked me up and set me on the couch. My legs were spread and he kissed me a few times on my lips. He worked his way to me breasts, working on my nipples and sucking them into hard, pink nubs. I practically came right then. He moved to my clit and licked it slowly. The warmth of his mouth and tongue made me soaking wet. The friction of him working his tongue up and down my hood made me cum as he smoothly inserted two fingers to finish the job. He pulled out his cum-soaked fingers and I licked them clean for him.

He slid his throbbing cock inside of me and proceeded to fuck me slow and smooth.

iawriter64 52M
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3/23/2006 1:05 pm

Mmm what a wonderful encounter I love the details you give!

rm_SDCurious69 29M
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4/3/2006 1:13 am

Where are the videos to prove it?

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