One night up ahead through the sleet...  

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One night up ahead through the sleet...

Driving home from a long days work one late evening in March, an ice storm raining hazards down in my path, I make out the red lights of a stalled car up ahead and proceed to slam on the brakes. My car's ABS goes crazy, shifting control from tire to tire as I screach toward the impending crash of another vehicle. Luckily I manage to stear my vehicle out of the skid narrowly avoiding the unlucky lady awaiting the tow she called in for hours earlier.

I pull off to the side of the road, and take a deep breath realizing that this breath was a gift I might have never taken had the accident occurred. I look in the rear view mirror at the other car and see the outline of a lady in the drivers seat looking back at me. I decide I had better go and make sure she is okay, considering I almost just killed us both.

She rolls her window down as I approach asking me if I have a cell phone she can borrow - hers died hours ago just after calling the tow company. "I don't even know if they are coming, it was so long ago and they said they'd be here in half an hour", she says to me with tears in her eyes.

"Of course you can borrow my phone, and why don't I get you out of here to some place warm - the tow will eventually get your car", I replied to her. "Did you see how close I came to hitting you? I was terrified, and to be frank, it was an act of God that I didn't."

"Yes, I saw. I'd be lying if I said I didn't shit my pants!" We shared a laugh together. "Thank you for stopping and checking on me afterwards. Most people would have just driven by, thankful they didn't hit me."

"No problem at all."

"I'm not from around here - I'm actually from Tenessee, up here for a conference. Go figure the conference has been cancelled due to the inclement whether. Do you know anyplace nearby I can sleep out this storm? My hotel is still about a half hour away on a good day."

"There is a Bed and Breakfast I pass by all the time, just down the road. We'll stop there, okay?" She looks at me weakly smiling, as she steps out of her car. I take her hand and walk her to my car, putting her in the passenger seat and hand her my cell phone.

As I sit down into the driver's seat I hear my passenger say, "Hello, Triple A? I called 5 hours ago, and you said it would only be half an hour to an hour for the tow truck. Where are you guys?" A short pause, and she proceeds to tell the operator all of her customer information and where the car is located. "Alright then. Well have a good night", she ends the conversation.

"How can you be so friendly to them? I'd have been so pissed off. I mean, you were out there for hours in the cold" I say to her as we pull into the lot of the BnB.

She looks at me and smiles and says, "there's no sense getting upset, it all works out in the end."

I take her into the BnB and the old lady of the house looks at us and says, "Oh, you poor things, come inside, let me take your things and have a seat in our common room."

"Nice service" I tell my new friend.

"Yes, very nice lady. You know, I think she thinks we're together" she responds to me.

I let out a small laugh, and say "probably. We do make a cute couple if I do say so myself," but almost immediately I feel the guilt of that statement; I am married, and flirting with another woman is something I have never done. Sure I've fantasized about it, but I've never acted on my desires - until now with this lady I don't even know.

She looks in my eyes seeing the nervousness, and then at my right hand, and then back at me. By now I can't stand to look at her, so I avert my eyes from hers, but she just lets out a small giggle and whispers to me "It's okay, I don't bite - hard".

A long pause passes by.

"Okay you two, your room is ready, and my husband has already drawn you a warm bubble bath to get that wicked cold out of your bones. Here is your key. You are in room number 8, and if you need anything just pick up the telley." The old lady walks back to the kitchen with our empty hot cocoa cups in hand.

"Well, I guess I should be going", I say to the pretty lady.

She takes my hand and pulls me toward the stairs. "Come upstairs and tuck me in please. Then I'll let you go on your way home to your wife. Afterall, I need to properly thank my rescuer."

Emotions run to my head, clouding my better judgement and like a lost sheep I follow the seductress to her room.

She inserts the old styled skeleton key into the door, and with a quarter turn the lock clicks open. She opens the door to a lavish room, meant only for kings and honeymoon couples. The roaring fireplace on the northern wall heats the room to an almost unbearable level, but it feels so good after having come inside from the fridgid outdoors. A giant whirlpool sits in the south-eastern corner of the room - nearest the bathroom entrance - enticing us to enter it's comforting embrace, while a giant four-post bed - something out of the Victorian era - lies in the opposite southern corner of the room laden with silken sheets, and plush comforters and pillows. A giant, soft bear-fur rug lies before the fireplace, with a dainty couch and two easy chairs surrounding.

Taking a step into the room, wide eyed in amazement of the setting, she shuts the door behind me guarding my exit with her delicious body and piercing eyes. I now know I have no escape, except through her. She holds the key before me, and lowers it into her braw; her tongue is half twisted in her mouth, her eyes locked onto mine, with excited anticipation of the keys retrieval.

I take a step toward her, and reach for the top button on her blouse. It pops, easier than expected, revealing just a hint of the heaving breasts beneath. The next button pops, and the next one too. Soon, her bra is fully exposed to me, her firm tits seeking to be released from their prison. I briefly reach for the skeleton key, poking it's head out between the two mounds, but then I change the course of my hands. I cup her breasts in my hands, feeling their warmth, as she pushes them toward me. "Squeeze my nipples please, they need so much attention," she says to me in the slightest whine.

I obey her request, and pinch them gently at first. I apply more pressure until she begins to moan. She starts tracing her body with her hands until she reaches her inner thigh. She stops there, asking me if I want to take a bath with her in the jacuzzi. I respond with a slow "yes, i do."

She drops her open blouse to the floor, and asks me to help her with her pants. I oblige unbuckling her fancy belt and unbuttoning her suit pants. The cloth falls to the floor around her shapely body revealing the beauty beneath. She slips off her bra, her gorgeous breasts practically bouncing in place after having been released from their entrapment. Then she slowly wiggles her panties down her legs and around her ankles. She daintily steps out of the pile of clothing, and strides over to the whirlpool, submerging herself into it's welcoming waters.

Next, I loosen my tie slipping the tail through the loop, releasing it's hold on my neck. I proceed to unbutton my shirt and drop both articles to the awaiting floor. While pulling the white t-shirt over my head, she calls for me to hurry up, "stop making me wait... you know what I want." I unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants. I pull everything off at once, leaving my clothing lying ontop of my shoes and socks. Standing there naked before her, I realize what is about to happen. Strangely, I don't feel guilt, but only anticipation of being one with this beautiful creature before me.

I walk over to the pool and kiss her deeply before she pulls me into the waters with her.

We kiss each other, hands dancing over each others bodies, feeling every muscle and crevasse of one another. Our tongues dance slowly at first, but as the emotions surge, they become more agressive. Our hands follow suit, and begin to squeeze harder, bringing with every touch more hormones to drown our minds in ecstacy. Finally, she can take it no longer and demands for me to enter her.

Using the waters to her advantage, like a fox, she slighly wraps her legs around me and swings around so she is in control with my back against the wall of the whirlpool. I feel her pussy probing for my cock in the depths, and as soon as she finds it, she slips herself around me. No escaping her now, I relax and enjoy the feeling of her tightness sucking on me as the warm waters lap the side of the pool all around us. I pull her close to me and enjoy the oneness with this beautiful gift from heaven.

As she rides me our kisses begin again. Our rocking motions slowly creating rhythmic waves in the tub, she begins to moan and squeeze me harder with her lips locked on mine. Her breath is hot, penetrating down my throat as she begins to convulse in the first waves of ecstacy. "Oh, God.. Goooood I'm gonna cum baby!" she squeelz in my ear. She pushes me inside her deeper, and squeezes my cock harder with her muscles, as her mind and body become one, exploding in
an array of fireworks. "God I'm cumming! OHHH!!!" she screams into the air. She rides the waves until they are ripples and then she rides the ripples until there are no more ripples to ride. She collapses onto me, sinking me into her all the way.

We sit there for a few minutes while she catches her breath and regains her bearings. She pulls me out of her and tells me "I've bee a naughty girl, you should send me to bed."

"Yes, you have been a very naughty girl, fucking a married man! You go to your bed now, and wait for me to come to you..." She pulls herself up out of the tub and dries her naked wet body off with the pool-side towel, set there for her by the old woman's husband earlier that night. She crawls on all fours to the bed,looking back at me the whole way with sunken eyes like any very bad girl would do. Her pussy looks so delicious from here as she pulls herself up onto the bed ontop of the blankets.

I get up out of the hot tub drying myself off with my towel and walk over to the bed. The bad girl is lying there, with two fingers inside her pussy, and the other hand pinching her left nipple. "I guess bad girls just don't change, now do they?"

"I'm sorry, but I am so very horny. I have this itch deep down inside me I just can't reach" she replies, eyes cast down. "Can you help me" she asks looking back up in hope.

"Put your legs over the side here, lie back, and let me see what I can do for you" I tell her in repsonse. I slowly approach her wet pussy to try and relieve her itch. My tongue licks at her labia, flickering it just right that she lets out a loud gasp.

"OH! that's where the itch is", she cries. I continue to lick her pussy, sticking my tongue and fingers in to lick up any cream that emerges. Flickering her lips with my tonuge, she squeezes her nipple with one hand as she sits up and grabs the back of my head with her other hand. She pushes my face deeper into her and my tongue licks furiously. Her legs squeeze my head, and I can't breathe at all as her body lets loose; she cums in my awaiting and eager mouth. After about ten seconds of almost passing out from lack of oxygen, she release hold of my face, and falls back onto the bed.

Only a few seconds later, she tells me she still has an itch... and that it must be deeper insde her. "Can you please itch me deep inside?"

"I will do my best." She rolls over, leaning over the edge of the bed, ass up. She wiggles, telling me she needs me inside her. I slowly slip my cock inside her, feeling her wet walls all around me.

Sliding all the way in, she tells me "That's the spot! That's where the itch is! Fuck me hard, please! Please!" I begin to pull in and out, slowly, then faster. Fucking her hard as the bed squeeks underneath her, my balls slapping against her with every thrust. She moans in a little bit of pain and so much pleasure. "Oh baby, drill me hard! It feels so GOOD! You fuck me so well, ohhh..." she groans. Her pussy begins to clamp down on my cock again, as it has done so many times already this night, but I keep fucking her at the same pace. "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum again baby! You are so fucking good to me! Oh baby, fuck me hard baby! Fuck ME!! OHH OHHHH OhHHHHhhhHHHhh" she lets loose again, her pussy practically chomping my dick off inside her.

"I forgive you for being a bad girl. You're a good girl in my book now" I tell her as I pull my soaked cock out of her. "Let's go lie on that warm, soft fur in front of the fire so I can love you like a good girl deserves." I kiss the back of her neck as we get up and walk over to the hearth area.

I hold her closely underneath the blankets we brought from the bed. We roll over each other, kissing and feeling each other on the soft fur tickling our bodies. She rolls onto her back with me optop of her and I push myself into her, shuddering in the ecstacy of being one with her. I push into her and pull out kissing her and combing her hair with my fingers. We rock against each other over and over, her pussy sliding the entire length of me, swallowing me whole with every push. She pushes up to meet me with every push of mine.

The feeling of her hot, wet body enveloping mine with her legs wrapping around my ass, pulling me into her, is too much to hold back from anymore, and apparently she feels the same way. We both start pushing harder and faster, grinding against one another at a furious pace, hot breathing on our necks. She begins to squeel in the anticipation of the orgasm to wrack both our bodies. We fuck faster and harder as she tightens her grip on me, feeling every inch of me sliding in her. Her pussy quivers as she cums on me, and my balls tighten as I begin to blow my load. We both cum against one another so hard, me filling her, her sucking every last drop from my exhausted body, that when it's done, there is no more itch left in either of us to scratch. We collapse into each others arms and fall asleep on the rug with the fire crackling by our sides, kissing softly necks and lips.

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