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6/5/2006 1:40 pm

I wake up. Look at my watch and see it’s time to standup. Then I realize you are laying next to me. I meet you in the bar last night. You the woman from breakfast, the one that said, no way dude. You where warring black long boots, long dark hand gloves. Your parfume was overwhelming. I felt on my knees.
You picked me up from the floor and kissed me head on in front of all those guys. You looked at me and said what the matter boy. Everything else is gone, I simply can’t remember.

I turn over and see the bed is empty. Has she left? Is this all real?
I feel the bed on your site but its cold. I jump out of bed and desperately search for any clues. Nothing, nothing at all. Not knowing myself this way I take a long shower, pack my bags and leave the hotel. Outside my friends are standing, packing there bikes.
They notice me and start laughing, I ignore them for now. Did you sleep well?

I turn myself and look at Henk. My best pal since years. Don’t you know, he asks me?
I can’t get my feelings right, Yes, No what the heck happened last night?
Henk is getting a big smile on his face. Nothing he says. You dropped down, just before the bartender. Oke the bartender was a woman but you can overdue it.
Yes, and then? We picked you up and smack you in the face. Then you stumbled back to the hotel, drunk as you will never be again.
I didn’t drink, I say….

Are you riding with us, or not? Yes of course, why do you ask. We found a note at the breakfast table this morning. Sorry we have read it.
A beautiful handwriting has written this letter. I start reading.
Hello my fiend.
If you are reading this I am on my way home.
I hoped to see last night at the hotel bar. I waited for a long time but you didn’t show up.
Have lots of fun with these dead wish friends of you.

I step back, and I still sleeping? I look at henk. He tells me, the aren’t joking with me.
I will ride back on my own. Please let me be.

I go to the reception of the hotel. Excuse me madam, can you help me? There was a lady staying here in the hotel, she left this morning….
Yes, many people are staying here and even so many people check in and out every day.
I feel stupide. I try again, she left me a note.
Yes, that can happen. But I can help you, is says with teasing eyes. If a man of the bikes club should ask me about a note than I have to give him this letter.

I open it and read, I am a perfect woman. So I don’t wait for anyone. If you can keep up with me, you have to ride your lights out. If you catch me, use your handcuffs. I you want me, I will learn you how to treat a woman. It’s your choose. K
I smell the same par fume from the train, the same par fume was there in the bar, and now on this letter.
To be continued….. but you have to wait, I try to catch someone.

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