rant- rookies  

rm_reaperb2003 39M
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7/23/2005 8:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

rant- rookies

ok, not saying it's anyone I've chatted with from here, but it's been one hell of a weekend and just sick and tired of the bullshit and people feeling like they have some kinda game to play or something to hide. There's been TWO instances today alone where I've called someone I've been talking to, not neccessarily anything sexual, and gotten a MAN on the other end...and in both instances I got my ass in someone elses drama. TWICE today i've gotten into some shit because the person I merely was being friendly to, gave me their phone numbers and neglected to let me know their situations ahead of time. By no means am I even remotely about getting involved with a psycho boyfriend/ex-husband/current husband...Ladies, by all means, if you're looking for a little fun on the side or whatever, that's all fine and good. It's your life, I'll never judge. But for cryin out loud, if you know your man is a jealous freak, PLEASE TELL the guy you're flirting/screwing around with. DON'T lead on like you've got no body and everything's cool when it's not. I'm all for discression, and have no problem with it if that's what your situation requires, but DAMN it helps to actually know that shit from the begining! Now that i'm totaly turned off by the whole damn thing, if you are a woman looking for some D/D Free, NO STRINGS NO DRAMA fun/chat/sex and you're in either GA or the Florida Panhandle, look me up.

AngelaMarie24 36F

7/25/2005 4:56 pm

lol.bad day,huh? I'm sorry.Hope it got better I am a 24 yr old MARRIED woman looking for a discreet relationship.My husband is gone most of the time and belive me,when hes home I don't get any unwanted phone calls.lol.

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