The Carpark  

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8/13/2006 7:53 am
The Carpark

It's that dream again. I've just arrived somewhere, in some airport, and as I walk out, a friend is there to meet me. Not just any friend - one of my hottest friends.

She's done up in a baby blue spaghetti-strap tank top, a black miniskirt and some cute little strappy black heels that offer no support for her ankles, but make me think her legs must be the best legs on the planet, and make her swish like only those kinds of heels can.

She smiles and waves, sauntering over when she sees me. She can't run - not in those heels, but it gives me the right amount of time to watch her approach. Just when I think that I've got all I'm going to get, a hug, she kisses me - deeply, passionately, and without reservation. It's the kind of kiss that shows you what a person really looks like underneath, in their soul, and that surely gets my blood flowing after that long flight.

She has her hands securely on my face, rough-unshaven as it is, and is probing my mouth with a sense of urgency, with a deep want that tells me "This is all you get until we're someplace away from all these people..."

Eventually though, the kiss ends, and we walk out to her car. Of course I'm following her, because I don't know where it is that we're going, but more importantly I can watch her move like the feral cat she is today, I can see her backside swishing back and forth. Really though, if she's the cat, should I be the one ready to pounce?

We get out to the carpark and I realize that it is mostly empty. I also notice for the first time how late it really is. That doesn't matter though, as I toss my bag into the trunk, I follow through by wrapping my arms around her, my hands on her stomach as I pull her tightly against me. I hear her sigh, quietly - but it is a happy sigh, not a sad or exasperated one.

I know she can feel the stiffness in my pants gently rubbing against her ass, and she encourages this by moving her shapely body in such a way to stimulate that feeling. As I alternate between kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears she begins to grind harder against me, and I reach a hand down the front of her skirt and find that she's already wet - and wearing no underwear.

I leave little butterfly kisses across her shoulder as I rub her clit - and she reaches a hand behind her, grasping my cock with her hand, stroking it through my pants. She shudders a bit and I push her forward after removing my hand, so that now she's leaning, her hands grounded on the floor of the trunk.

I unbutton and unzip my trousers, and pull down my boxers just enough, then with a few jerky movements, I'm in her. It doesn't take long - and we don't want it to, not this time, not in the carpark - but after four or five minutes, we're both sweating and done.

She straightens her skirt, and I rearrange my trousers just in time. After the lid of the trunk slams closed, some maniac comes racing through the garage and we both laugh. She kisses me again, playfully. The smile on her lips is echoed in her eyes. "Hello, Stranger," she says.

"Let's go home," I say. And we do, but it's a good thing that she drives an automatic, because on the way home, her hand is firmly on my stick.

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