On Sizing (whats with all these sizes huh?)  

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12/24/2005 12:42 pm

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On Sizing (whats with all these sizes huh?)

Anyone who has ever bought thier g/fs or wives clothes, it's been a pretty simple excersize. You find your gals clothes, and then all you have to do is find something with the same number or letter. The science of determining *your* size, however, is a lesson in patience. I have a Master's Degree, and I couldn't figure it out by myself, so dont feel bad if it seems confusing to you.

There's letter sizes, and numbers which have no rhyme or reason other than they are odd numbers, or sometimes they are even. The days of 30W/32L are going to be a distant paradise when you first start figuring out exactly what size you are.

So grab a tape measure. I'm 36/28/36. First 36 is where the bra will fit around, the second is about halfway btw hip and rib bones, the last the biggest part of my booty lol. I like to use the size charts @ Fredrick's of Hollywood, they're pretty basic. So while I could fit into a size 8 dress and size 5 panty, I have found that my body fits better in a 10. Gives me a little space to breath and really tight clothes on a CD rarely looks that good. We tend to have a little extra where women dont, so keep that in mind.

That aside, what about shoes? Some debate here, some say take your men's size and add 1, some say add 2, roundng up. I wear a men's 9, sometimes 10, depends on the shoe. Right now I have on a pair of size 10 women's shoes that I got cheap (tips on shopping upcoming later in blog). I 'adjusted' them with a steak knife to fit me better (more on this later too) so I'd tend to agree with those who say two sizes larger. The length is fine, it's the width that is the problem with going one size larger.

But back to clothes. I'm a fairly normal build. I'm 5'10", about 155-160. I'm a size 10 dress, size 6 skirt, size 6 panty, 36b bra, I got a size 12 corset which is a Large (i'm normally a Medium) but that seems to fit fine b/c I'm taller than most medium sizes as intended for women. Once you have your sizes figured out, never ... ever ... change lol.

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