taking back are control of sex  

rm_razorburn3 40M
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7/8/2005 6:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

taking back are control of sex

why is it no matter what kind of relationship you ae in from marriage, to dating, to best friends, to out at a bar and thinking i would like to fuck them, women seem to control the sex. now i'm not saying that men aren't agressive during sex and women treat us like slaves. but as far as when we get sex they hold all the keys to every double dead bolted and chained pussy door. now some women will say that its supposed to be that way because men rule everything else. but if you think about it all the shit that we rule is just to get some pussy. and as a wise man told me women have half the money and all the pussy. so in any realtionship you are in you automatically give her half your money wheter its divorce, paying bills or taking them out. and they get to keep all their pussy to rationed out when they feel the mood. so i want to change that. i think we as men should take it upon our selves to make women beg to give some. not with gitfs or anything like but with horniness (hope i spelled that right). i say we making them real horny everyday and telling them no when they want it. now there are 2 things here. 1 women love a man they can't have. don't believe me watch jerry springer or whatever talkshow and women will fist fight for a man that doesn't want them. so our most important weapon will be no! but kep kissing the neck and ears or whatever your seduction tricks are to keep her always in the mood. 2 it going take some will power on your part so for you guys who don't think you can have want to and you say no. then my suggestion is get a girlfriend on the side to help releive some pressure at those trying times. now be careful with this strategy cause it can back fire and she will go out and fuck someone else. thats why you have to keep a good balance. wait til she starving, then give her everything you got for as long you ever have fuck for( 2nd girlfriend might key to the stamina thing). it will be the best shes had and it will always stick with her. so after time she will never tell you no i don't want to. then you will be the one recieving the little gifts and cards trying to buy the dick. and just think to get it like this in your favor all it it took was to say you had a headache tonight

interested313 51M/52F
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7/8/2005 9:21 am

heres your first problem if you think jerry springer is real life then your already introuble. Second of all men are always horney there is no way to satisfy you guys really and yes the headache excuse works well but the fact of the matter is if you just sat and made the woman next to you feel totally sexy and wanted I bet you would get it a whole lot more! the act of sex is not the same feeling to a woman as it is for a man its the cuddling the giggling the just holding each other that gets her excited the smell of a mans body his hands rubbing her gently and taking time to see what is important to her the act of seconds takes mere minutes but the warmth and concern of another human being last forever!!!!!!!!!

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