What's Up People!  

rm_raydawgg64 53M
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5/7/2006 10:18 am
What's Up People!

Well, This is my second in which I hope is many blog posts. I would like to say Happy B-Day to sexydisaster30 Keep the party going for me too!(I'll bring the condoms and I'll won't be too drunk to get it up!). It's a calm sunday morning here in Mississippi and I got up early after a night of work and drinking afterwards and I decided to come up to work and check my e-mail(I don't have a computer at home yet(the wife kept the computer after the separation). So, I'm here writing this entry and checking my fantasy basebal line-up. I'm going to reveal my greatest sexual fantasy!. I know, it's every man's fantasy whether he is black or white or whatever race he is but it's mine and I haven't had it happen yet! I would like two women in bed with me!. One sucking my cock and the other one sitting on my face letting me eat her pussy. then the switch up and then letting me take turns fucking them and them taking turns eating eachother out and i'm behind each one of them fucking them doggie style!. then after it is all over with, we just lay in bed together holding eachother and falling to sleep(would have to sleep after all that sexual activity!) Hopefully one day that fantasy would become a reality!

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