Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!  

rm_raydawgg64 52M
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5/14/2006 6:39 am
Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning! I'm here at work(again!) and while I'm not so busy and ready to go home and go back to bed(alone unfortunately) I would like to take the time to say Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms in this community. I did something I probably should not have done but in my defense I did it out of habit. I the other day gave my estranged wife flowers for mother's day. I at first thought to myself "nah fuck it" then I thought to myself "she is the mother of your kids" so I gave her the vase with two yellow roses(her favorite). I found out later from her that the boyfriend was absolutly pissed off because I gave her a gift. I wasn't trying to piss him off(or in the back of my mind I was?, i'm not sure) so, she called me the other day and thanked me for the gift and told me he was not happy about me giving her the gift and she told me that she wanted to make it work with him so NO MORE GIFTS from me. I told her "ok, no problem" I will not get her any more gifts. I felt angry, and hurt. angry because I was one again trying to be nice, and hurt because the last time they broke up, she was calling me all the fucking time, sending time at my place, had me coming over to the house because "she needed someone to sleep next to her". Well, lesson learned. the next fucking time those two break up, I will not be there for her because I feel like I'm being used like the toy of the moment and after the novelty wears off then I'm thrown away. I wish I could find someone to spend time with me!, Hell, I'm a nice guy and hard-working and I know I deserve better. What do you all think?, please If you want, chime in on this and let me know.


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