TV Dinners  

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7/24/2006 5:35 am

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TV Dinners

I can speak four languages, all of which is true
From have a nice day y’ll to how you doin’ blue
Bonjour monsuire aufiedasien pet and cock a doodle doo
The language of the telly from them to me to you

I’m a beach bum and surfer
A barr’a boy with aids
A jet pilot star pilot king of the wild frontier
A masked vigilante, a hero without fear

I travel the stars not moving from my seat
Walk around the world but never use my feet
From pole to pole then the deepest jungle
And if I’m feeling tired well there’s always bungle

Too many show's but only one T.V
Videos on overload, wonder what’s for tea
Done it, been there, seen it on repeat
I’m you’re all action hero, not bad for only three

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