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7/24/2006 5:31 am

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She had toughed a part of him long forgotten
Shown him life that had stilled through years of pain
Freed from the bonds of despair and hate
The dove of his heart soared again
Then she was gone

Imprisoned once again to life’s mundane existence
Breathing the foul polluted air of automated life
Enhancing life’s play and yet noticing nothing
Each beat of the heart drawing closer to the endless nothing

Faces passed blank and unrecognisable
Voices that fell on deaf ears that can’t understand
Movement flowing behind blind eyes
The daily drudge of lives continues to the closed mind

Once long ago the air was filled with her scent
Eyes beheld golden hair like fresh wheat swaying in a breeze
Movement and thought as enchanting as a summer’s day
Laughter that can only be shared with lovers
Then she was gone

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